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Ranchette Resident Upset With Dumping of Dead Fish

Living in the Ranchettes for 20years now, I thought I had seen and heard it all. When spring has now sprung, we should be hearing the birds singing and the leaves will begin to swish in the breeze and those that take the time to take a walk around the neighborhood, they want to pause and listen to the creeks rustle.

Afterall, we refer to the Ranchettes as paradise. BUT….instead we are hearing the racetrack sounds of speeding cars, trucks and motorcycles.  When you pause at the bridge on Campbell Ridge, you can sit on the side and listen to nature all around you.  Not so as of Saturday.  When walking, I passed by the bridge and smelled something dead.  As I kept looking for where the odor was coming from, I looked over the bridge and saw a heavy duty large garbage bag in the creek.
There were thousands of green flies covering it.  I got a pitch fork and went to get the bag out of the creek. I was astonished to find the bag had dead fish parts in it.  The rather large fish had been fileted and the heads were still on them.  There must have been at least 20 fish.  The person who threw them in there must have had a very successful fishing trip.  I am sorry you did not see fit to put the fish parts in your own garbage or bury them in your own back yard.  Just what did your think you were doing??? Rotting fish bodies and green flies for everyone to smell and deal with on their walk. And  just what did you think would happen to the black garbage bag?? It is not biodegradable and would have just hung up in a tree branch along the creek and a box turtle or some other wildlife would have possible become tangled in it or tried to eat it. Or the precious black vultures, trying to eat the dead fish could have become tangled up in the bag too.

It takes a low mentality, ignorant person to do something like this. The creek is not a garbage disposal! And you had no right to dispose of your fish guts in the creek. It is no different than you throwing the mess out in the road or in someone’s front yard. The creek is very clean, but with this type of behavior, it won’t be that way long.

Please rethink the disposal of your fishing garbage next time.  I sure hope I never catch you doing this. I know we have some weird people traveling thru and living in the Ranchettes these days, but this takes the cake.  If your teenage children have been fishing and had to dispose of this garbage, please talk to them about proper disposal.  If you are an adult and you did this, you have no excuse for this type action, you are just stupid.

Kathie Parks

Kingston Springs

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