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For the Birders: 4-7-12


The hummingbirds are here! Of course those of you who have been feeding the little beautiful nectar lovers know that they are always here by the 1st week of April. This year, migration maps had them all around, and even north of us in Kentucky earlier in March.

I heard one (that vibration sound you hear when one flies away from your feeder), a couple of weeks ago and quickly put out three fresh feeders). I didn’t see one though, and still haven’t.

But Judy Thomas, a neighbor here in Paradise, has!

Judy wrote on April 3rd: “FYI, I just spotted my first male, scout hummer at my kitchen window feeder.  The nectar has been out since the first week of March because of the warm temps.  I know others must have already had visits from the sweet li’l fellers.”

They may have, but Judy is the 1st to let me know about it and I really appreciate it Judy! I hope all of our other hummer lovers see their first too, before the week is out!

And if you’ve forgotten, here’s what they like: 4 parts water to 1 part sugar. Heat the water to boiling, turn it off and add the sugar. Stir, cool and fill up your clean feeders. At this time of year you don’t need to fill them completely, it will be a little while  before the big numbers arrive. The scouts are coming in now, they really need to find fresh nectar so that they can stock up and keep moving to their destination.

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