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Last week I told you that the hummingbirds were had arrived in the Ranchettes. Judy Thomas reported seeing one last week. I heard one, but didn’t spot it until this week. In fact, we have 2!

With the cold week we’re having, I’m glad they made it to my house where I have plenty of nectar here to replenish them after their long trip, and get them ready to move on to wherever they’re heading next.

If you have never been a birder, hummingbirds are a great place to start. They are so much fun to watch and very inexpensive to feed. You can find the nectar feeders just about anywhere, you can even make them yourself. Just search “homemade hummingbird feeders” on the internet and you’ll find plenty of suggestions.

The nectar is easy to make too, and I’m running the recipe again below.

Birding is a great hobby for all ages, and you will be pleasantly surprised by the number and variety of bird species we have here in south Cheatham County.

Here’s what hummingbirds like and need, nectar: 4 parts water to 1 part sugar. Heat the water to boiling, turn it off and add the sugar. Stir, cool and fill up your clean feeders. At this time of year you don’t need to fill them completely, it will be a little while  before the big numbers arrive. The scouts are coming in now, and they really need to find fresh nectar so that they can stock up and keep moving to their destination.

So fill them up and have fun. Keep your eyes open and look around from time to time. You never know what you might see!

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