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School Board Rates Dr. Webb at Less Than 70%

By KERRY McCARVER, I-24 Exchange

The Cheatham County School Board on Monday approved its annual evaluation of Director of Schools Dr. Tim Webb. The overall average of the seven-section review was at 3.48 out of a possible 5 scale or 69.6%.

Director Webb made no comment on Monday, but at an earlier work session told the board at first he was somewhat taken aback by the score but soon related it to the same evaluations that teachers are now dealing with on state-level evaluations.

Each of the six board members submitted reviews in areas of organizational management, fiscal/business management, program development and follow through, relationship with the Board, long range/strategic planning, intergovernmental/ community relations, and professional/personal development (leadership).

Among the members, Chairman Dianne Proffitt gave Dr. Webb the highest overall average of 3.84 (76.8%) while the lowest average rating was presented by second district board member Tim Williamson with a 3 (60%).

The other four board members rated Dr. Webb’s performance with Michelle Collins 3.74 (74.8%), both Tammy Lavender and Greg Horton 3.46 (69.2%), William Johnson 3.38 (67.6%).

In the categories, Dr. Webb obtained the highest rating in the section of intergovernmental/ community relations with a 3.63 (72.6%) score. The lowest category was relationship with the Board at 3.26 (65.2%).

Chairman Proffitt said on Monday the evaluation is not tied to any extension of Webb’s current four-year contract.  Neither would it result in any base pay increase for the director.

Also at the meeting:

The Cheatham County School Board unanimously approved a recommendation by Director of Schools Dr. Tim Webb to opt-out of the schools choice portion of the No Child Left Behind Federal mandate.

The local system obtained along with the State of Tennessee a waiver on the requirement that forces a local system to provide transportation and option for parents to move their child to another school if their zoned school fails to meet minimum standards.

Dr. Webb told the board that any Title I school would continue to give parents options to move their child where provided transportation is required.

A total of 22 students had moved to other schools this school year under the school choice option. Dr. Webb said those students would be allowed to continue in the new school until the student finishes the highest grade at that location. The student’s family would have to provide his or her own transportation to continue to attend the choice school.

Dr. Webb said the school choice should not be confused with open enrollment that allows parents an annual option to request a student’s transfer out of their zone to another school as long as space is available at the new school.

Parents can now apply for the open enrollment. Information is available on the Board’s website at

The Board on Monday approved funding from existing general purpose school fund balances of $75,000 to replace a failing sewer line at Cheatham County Central High School and $225,000 to upgrade and replace existing fire control panels at schools across the county.

Dr. Webb said the sewer line replacement would occur when school dismisses for summer. The replacement of fire panels would occur immediately.

The Board delayed consideration of a new contract for its current Attorney Larry Woods of Nashville. Member Greg Horton requested the delay since Kingston Springs member Tammie Lavender was not in attendance at Monday’s meeting.

The Board unanimously approved the new handbooks for transportation, school nutrition, employees, daycare as well as an updated parent involvement plan.

At the close of Monday’s meeting, Dr. Webb recognized Jamie Merritts of Pegram Elementary School. The teacher is retiring at the end of the current school year with thirty-two years of service to education in Cheatham County.


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