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A Special Thank You From HHS Health Science Program

The students in the Health Science program at Harpeth High school would like to thank A.O. Smith, the Cheatham County Chamber of Commerce and all the people involved in establishing the 2011-2012 A.O. Smith Teacher Grants. Our program was awarded two grants Saving Larry and Harpeth Havoc (first aid care). The funds were used to purchase Larry an airway manikin and supplies for making moulage and first aid supplies. Students made fake wounds, bruises, blood, and burns from common household supplies. Students researched first aid care and acted out how to care for injuries.  At the end students responded to a natural disaster and injuries that may have occurred. They were amazed how much that had learned from one another.     Larry the airway manikin provided Medical Therapeutics and EMS students with hands on learning. Students practiced measuring and placing oral and nasal airways into Larry, practiced placing various respiratory devices on him and provided artificial respirations with an ambu bag. Thanks to the grants students were able to put what they had learned in the classroom into real life experiences.

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