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Editorial: K. I. S. S.


K. I. S. S.: I learned that acronym years ago, as most of you likely did as well. It fits with what’s been going on for a year or so now with the emergency service protection contracts that Kingston Springs and Pegram have been so happy with for a decade now, but the County Commission has decided to muck around with.

KISS: Keep It Simple, Stupid!

It’s a complicated situation. Our local leaders and departments solved it years ago. We’ve lived with it, virtually without complaint or controversy, and our Fire Departments have thrived with the money it takes to be their best, and the opportunity to manage that money, as well as their own training and growth with as little meddling and micro-management as possible.

But in a misguided attempt to put our very diverse county all on the same page, our contracts were cancelled, effective in just a couple of short months from now, with expectations and assurances that the new contracts would be in place and all county residents, departments and cities would be happy with the sameness.


From what I’m seeing and hearing, there is very little agreement among the residents, cities and fire departments here and elsewhere in the county. Some  just don’t like being told what to do, others simply hear the word tax and put their fingers in their ears, loudly singing “la-lala”, and refusing to listen to any proposal that involves the word ‘tax’.

Whatever the problem is with the others, here’s my suggestion for us down here in the south end. Sign our contracts and forget about us. What we were doing was working well. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” to use another cute colloquialism. We’re ok with the lack of attention, I promise. We’ll be just fine while the rest of the county figures out how they want to solve the problem. In fact, I’d be willing to bet that if you took our model that has been sailing smoothly for 10 years and run with it, you might just get a little more rowing together, and a little less “la-lala”.

Personally, I’ll spend less time driving in the areas where this problem doesn’t get solved, because who knows who will respond first if I’m involved in an accident. Maybe no one, depending on where the accident occurs. I just hope that the residents and commissioners of those areas truly understand what they’re facing, and know that the cost of doing things the sensible way isn’t as high as they may be thinking. The cost of not doing anything however, could be tragic.

But guess what: if we are not allowed to go back to things the way they were, and no agreement is reached, here will be no safer than there. It’s time to pay attention folks, and pick up your phone. This is serious!


David Davidson: (615) 792-1280 – (615) 419-4173

LuAnn Engelman : (615)673-0913


John L. Haines: (615) 642-1703

Jimmy Hedgepath: (615) 952-9352

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