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Letters to the Editor: 04-21-2012

To the Editor:

I have just returned from our Cheatham County Landfill, where I arrived at 3:18 pm and was turned away.   Despite the fact that everyone who travels Sam’s Creek knows the dump is posted to be open from 7:30 till 3:30,  I was not allowed to dump.  Ricky, the dump manager said “ I’m real sorry, but we’ve been closing this way for months, and I’ve shut down the computer and scales, you’ll just have to come back tomorrow”.

I feel if they are to close at 3: 15, it needs to be posted as such,  or even posted as 3:00, and allowed to dump until 3:15.  Such a posting of 3:00 would give County residents a feeling their employees are trying to do more, rather than less!

I can only wonder how many others have been turned away in such a manner.  I further wonder of those how many have traveled down some deserted road and returned without their garbage.  They  left it as a part of our county scenery.   I know  for a fact that I have seen such deposits on Lover’s Leap Road recently, and off the bluff as well!  Is our dump staff hired to have it open till 3:15 or 3:30??  I have also heard from one County Commissioner, who I complained to that since we started charging to dump, a few years ago, that our illegal dumping has significantly increased.  I personally value my county enough to return to our landfill another day, but many do not.   Tires though once were accepted all days, are now only accepted on Tuesday and Thursdays.  How much more effort does it take to place a few tires in a trailer, any day,  while one is at the dump.   All in all, this trip has cost me added fuel costs,  travel time, and lots of frustration, having to return home with a full load, because the dump was not operated as posted.   Perhaps one or more readers will be better informed that 3:30 only at our county landfill really means before 3:15.

Roy Miles III

Craggie Hope TN.

Tuesday April 10, 2012, after failing in the Tennessee Senate several weeks ago, the bill to repeal the photo ID law died in the Tennessee House.

Mary Mancini of Tennessee Citizens Action dedicated a lot of time in the halls of our capital to end this law. I find her statement below profound and full of truth.

“We’re extremely disappointed that instead of protecting the fundamental right to vote guaranteed us – not once, but twice – by the Tennessee Constitution, Republicans are taking it away. The idea of ‘voter fraud’ is a fraud and they have repeatedly refused to present evidence to the contrary. Here’s what’s really going on: Republican politicians all over the country are unnecessarily rewriting our election laws to keep students, people of color, the working poor, and seniors from voting against them. And they’re manufacturing a problem to explain it away.  

“The right to vote is a fundamental American right. GOP-led barriers to voting are unnecessary and extraordinarily harmful to our democratic process. We’ve never solved anything in this country with less democracy, and we still can’t.”   

I applaud her effort to end this law, and her statement is right on the mark and should be trumpeted throughout the state. I knew it would likely be the case that in the hands of our Tennessee legislators this law would stand. I do however still hold out hope of action from the federal level. I also feel more truth will rally about A.L.E.C., the group that groomed this law. Until then enough with the halls of our capital…now another layer of work begins. Ya’ll get ready to vote.

Ita Hardesty Mason

Kingston Springs

Right here in Tennessee at the Oak Ridge Nuclear Facility we taxpayers are about to receive another huge blow to our treasury. The largest construction project in the history of the Department of Energy is slowly unfolding unless we speak out and stop this waste of tax payers dollars and the making of nuclear bombs. It is estimated to cost $7.5 billion and is not even off the planning table. We can expect it to go over this estimate and balancing the US budget will not happen anytime soon, unless we speak up. Imagine the following and you will see the sense in doing so.

Because of the expected high cost they are cutting corners and this site within Oak Ridge Nuclear Facility will not be as safe as it should be. Its a place none of us will every enter, and heaven forbid anyone within experiences the toxic slew it will contain. $7.5 billion would be better spend cleaning up already contaminated areas of Oak Ridge and dismantling warheads, or perhaps hiring 126,000 teachers, building 342 new state-of-the-arts schools, and 108,000 Habitat homes.  Does our state and country need more nuclear bombs and toxic waste?  No, we need better schools, teachers, and homes.

Do the math, compare and then call Senator Alexander and Sen. Corker and ask them to say no. It is in their hands, and its in ours.

Ita Hardesty Mason

Kingston Springs

I have been a resident of Kingston Springs for 30 years. I have also known the Ray Finch family all 30 years.

Brother’s Ray and Faye Finch had owned a wrecker service for years and many of us who have grown up here, have pulled in unannounced and with a smile and simple kindness one of the Finch boys would fix anything going on with your vehicle, and a ride home if they couldn’t.

Ray told me he had the cancer and he was feeling bad. So we all knew death was coming.

I am not writing this to disrespect the officer who shot him. I don’t know what led up to the fatal shot.

My letter is more about how Kingston Springs has sure grown and changed. Many times as a teen ager, Joe Cron, Granville Ratcliffe, etc., would blink them lights and point their finger in a slow down gesture. they knew us. Just to have a member of this community for 70 years being shot in his yard was a scary jot to me.

I can’t help but wonder where the community leaders who knew Ray Finch personally, were. There was a time when someone in our law enforcement would have shown  up to talk to Ray. You know someone who would have known him. It may have turned out the same,  but some of us would have felt better if he had been shot by someone who knew him.

Rest in peace Mr. Ray Finch. You will be missed, but remembered.

Tracy Hardcastle

30 year resident of Kingston Springs

Dear Madam Editor,

Several weeks ago you received a true-to-form, typically feckless commentary from ”Miz”, a “proud unmarried liberal feminist.”  Still proud, no doubt, of the absolute lack of femininity associated with that peculiar concept. True to form, she chose to attack the messenger (me) because she had no real way to refute the truth I wrote concerning the sad state of teaching in our public schools.

Yet, I touched only upon one little corner of the problem. Libs get real itchy when someone starts telling the truth! The holdouts of that now mostly defunct movement are drying up in the winter of their appeal, but some are obviously still in need of oiling as they swing aimlessly on their rusted hinges. Her freedom to speak is doubtless cherished, but my freedom to do likewise she ( also true to form) resents. I have prayed for her, including an appeal for her understanding of why schooling for the very young was so important to our founders.

Those articulate gentlemen were in universal agreement that reading (especially) was of primary import. Why was reading so important to them?  Because that would open the door to their understanding of the Holy Bible, and that was the very basis for their laying the foundations of freedoms in this Republic!  Yes, that was the primary impetus for their support of early schooling!  The exact opposite has characterized the feminist movement and it’s Godless trespass into our public schools.

And, Madam Editor, that most important aspect of schooling has been systematically undermined by the liberal establishment, and the teacher’s union, for about fifty years!  That’s what they do the ”pooest” at teaching. Yes, I could have written “poorest” but I didn’t!  Twenty years ago (I heard on the radio just today) 90 percent of high school graduating seniors were able to find jobs. Today the number is 15%! That, if you’re a parent, ought to alarm you and maybe even goad some folks reading this, into some form of belated action!

Maybe a few will reflect that it was the ability of the common man in this new Republic, to read, that gave us the most prosperous, the most open, free and liberated nation in all of man’s history, along with their freedom to arm themselves AGAINST governments if necessary! Yet, when you reflect on the fact-not opinion-but fact, that the “Libs” have set as their goal, to be liberated from the greatest freedom ever handed to “man” (in the inclusive Genesis 1 sense that libs hate) on this rotating chunk of rock, you have to recognize how foul they really have become. And no, that’s not “terribly ironic” as the “MIz” said in her opening sentence. She must be a teacher.  Who else would use an adjective to modify an adverb? By the way, Miz Taken, there is no such irony as “Terrible”! Yes, there’s Socratic, or dramatic, even tragic, but no terrible! In case the woman really is a teacher of some sort, I will define irony for her.

IRONY: Something I was not employing!

Had I been pretending ignorance, and a willingness to learn something from Ms. Mallernee, in order to make her false conceptions conspicuous, to herself and others, I’d have been using irony.

So, Miz whatever, mizused simple English, in a mizused attempt to twist the Gospel to her own advantage in her failed attack upon me. Oh, I was certainly flattered that she Googled me and “Exposed” my Christian identity to her world. Not aggrandizing one’s own background seems a somewhat minor crime to expose though, doesn’t it? She said my focus on the true cause of failure in our school system is “non constructive.” Really?

I wonder how many parents would agree with her analysis?  My take-home message was that her letter was the perfect example of nonconformance with truth, nonconstructive for schooling, and resembled verbiage designed by whiners!  Miz Taken, I ain’t got no “main gripe” as you called my words. I pointed to probable reasons why 44% of graduating seniors can’t read, and of 25% of young Negro men failing to complete high school! Not the fault of schools? C’mon Miz, you know better!

Let’s all pray for this woman, and the causes she represents, shall we?  What you pray for them, I leave to you.

Colonel Mike Harley

Kingston Springs


In the big world out there, the world of science, business, engineering, they work with really big numbers.

The science of big numbers is known as “Scientific Notation.” That idea can help us understand, even when we are challenged to comprehend huge numbers.

For instance, when you look at the national level numbers, you find,

*Total U.S. tax revenue: $ 2,170, 000,000,000

* U.S. Federal budget: $3,820,000,000,000

* New Federal debt: $ 1,650,000,000,000

* National debt: $14,271,000,000,000

* Recent Budget cuts: $38,500,000,000

This is almost beyond the average man’s ability to comprehend. In other words, “Attsa lottsa bucks!” You’re talking Trillions!

But if you just drop off, say eight (8) zeroes, you make it easier to understand.

Let’s pretend it’s a household budget, using the same base numbers, but drop the zeros.

* Annual family income: $21,700

* Money the family spent: $38,200

* New credit card debt: $16,500

* Outstanding balance on the credit card: $142,710

* Total budget cuts: $385

Not quite so hard to see what’s true now, right?  You can’t get there from here!

So let’s look at this problem another way;

Suppose you come home and discover the sewer is backed up in your house.

You have sewage up to your ceilings.

What will you do?

Will you;

A. raise the ceilings, or will you

B. pump out the crap?

You have a choice coming in November.

Colonel Mike Harley

Kingston Springs

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