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On Tuesday morning, April 24, 2012 there was a staged automobile accident to illustrate the potentially fatal consequences of drinking and driving at Harpeth High School in Kingston Springs, TN.

Emergency workers appeared to have a fatality in the staged accident, as well as an arrest.One can only hope that this very lifelike staged accident sent a message to the students who watched. Distracted

Organizers have been planning for months this event, which will help show the extreme dangers of driving under the influence of drugs, alcohol, and even texting.

This has been a project that has been driven by Dr. Tim Webb, Officer Kevin Curtis SRO at Harpeth High School and Officer Jeremy Vaughn with Kingston Springs Police Dept.   This is not based on a national model, but on their idea and desire to get the message out. “It has been amazing to see how all of the community partners have really come together and commit to this.  It is going to be a very realistic experience and we hope it will make a huge impact on our teenage drivers.”   The goal is to create awareness of all the dangers of distracted driving and the realities of what the consequences will be. The statistics are disheartening.  Partners include the local Police Department, Fire Departments, Highway Patrol, local emergency services and Vanderbilt’s Life Flight.

Other Prom Promise events:  Blake McMeans will speak to students during assembly at HHS on Wednesday, April 25 at 9:00a.   STARS (Students Taking a Right Stand) is the sponsor of this very powerful and effective nationally recognized speaker.

Facts from Focus Adolescent Services (taken from

• The three leading causes of death for 15-24 year olds are automobile crashes, homicides, and suicides. Alcohol is a leading factor in all three.

• An early age of drinking onset is also associated with alcohol-related violence not only among persons under age 21 but among adults as well.

• Every fifteen minutes someone dies from an alcohol-related automobile accident. Each weekend, each hour, a teenager dies in a car crash. Fully fifty percent of those crashes will involve alcohol.

Blake McMeans’s life changed forever in an alcohol related automobile accident. He is primarily confined to a wheel chair. His dreams of becoming a professional athlete are gone forever. In fact, he will never play tennis again.

Today, his passion has become speaking to young people and compelling them not to make the choices he made. He speaks in high schools and middle schools across the country, using his own life story to convince students not to drink and drive or ride with someone who has been drinking


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