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A Grandmother’s View of Mother’s Day

With Mother’s Day drawing near, I was given this message by one of my children. It read – Motherhood: the noblest profession. Being a Mother and a grandmother of 8, I was in complete agreement with this statement.

As time passes most Mothers have a way of becoming Grandmothers.  I am enjoying this stage along with a great many of peers and take a great interest in the different versions of why being a grandmother is so grand.

Most often, there’s the thankfulness of missing the 2A.M. feedings and just having them for short periods to play with and spoil. There’s all this wisdom that we have garnered through the years of How-to and How-not-to do things that we are compelled to pass on to our children. There’s being able to have them when they’re well and happy and giving them back to their parents to handle all the ills and broken bones. All of these things are very true, and I, too, enjoy that part of being a grandmother. But the greatest part of all is seeing the love that your children have for their children; and knowing that they can at last realize how completely they have been loved.

Being a grandmother is love come full cycle. I’m thankful I’ve been allowed this privilege.

Chris Patterson

Kingston Springs

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