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Certified Public Accountant and Veteran Kirk Low Officially Announces Candidacy in the 78th House District of Tennessee

Kirk Low, a Certified Public Accountant and veteran, officially announced his candidacy today for the 78th House District of Tennessee to succeed  Rep. Phillip Johnson.

“Tennessee families need a representative who is qualified to work for them from day one,” said Low.  “As a CPA, tax preparer and small business owner, I see and understand the situations families face and the ways in which taxes and government decisions impact how people live every day.  Having worked with income, sales and use, business, and property taxes, I have the experience and knowledge to improve the fairness of the tax system for families and small businesses.

“But the needs of families obviously go deeper than fixing flaws in the tax system.  We also need to focus on reducing taxes as a percentage of our income by making the people of Cheatham and Dickson Counties more prosperous.  I pledge to work towards a Tennessee with more jobs, better jobs and more opportunities.  To do that, we need to make a serious commitment to educating the workforce of the future, our children.  Education is the key to so many opportunities in our society that we must bring quality to our schools.  By quality, I mean good teachers, good facilities, and an emphasis on the basic skills our children need as they grow.  I will support all efforts to improve the quality of education in Tennessee.  ”

Kirk also intimately learned how state government functions by working for over ten years for Tennessee’s Comptroller, Department of Human Services, and Department of Environment and Conservation.    “I not only know how state government works in Tennessee,” Low said, “I know how to make it work better, cheaper and harder for Tennesseans.  For example, while with the Department of Environment and Conservation I cut the number of vehicles by approximately five percent.  At Human Services I increased Federal funding for Tennessee’s foster children by over $1,000,000 annually and developed the first computer based child abuse reporting system.”

Kirk has written several laws in Tennessee and in three other states.  “My experience writing and passing bills taught me the value of listening to and communicating with those who are impacted by a particular bill to see if the bill can be improved.  As representative, I will always seek counsel and listen so we can build an even stronger community together.”

Mr. Low will be on the ballot in August 2nd primary vying for the Tennessee House of Representatives seat for the 78th District.  This District includes all of Cheatham and the eastern portion of Dickson Counties.  The cities of White Bluff, Burns, Pleasant View, Ashland City, Pegram, and Kingston Springs and part of Dickson are in the 78th District.

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