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News from City Hall, Kingston Springs

Excuse the mess in the park, but it is a necessary evil.  When finished, there will be a really nice Activities Center for programs, events, rentals, etc.  There will be lighting on the parking lot that will be used for evening events.  The lighting installation will be complete in the next two weeks.  We anticipate the building completion by August 1st.  Please call police if you see any vandals or suspicious behavior around the building sites.  Thank you for your patience.

The first Movie in the Park of the season will be Saturday, May 19th and is sponsored by Community Bank and Trust.   This month’s movie is Puss in Boots.  Remember, there will only be three movie nights this year, May, July and September.  The movie starts at dark and there is FREE POPCORN.  There is a free inflatable playground beginning at 6, until movie time.

Bring a lawn chair or blanket.  Concessions will be available.  No admission charge.  Please do not bring pets, they will not be allowed on the baseball field during the movie viewing.

The Splashpad in L.L. Burns Park has been resurfaced and is ready for the new season.  It will open on Monday, May 28th at 10:00 a.m.

Also on that Monday, May 28th, is the Annual Memorial Day Picnic.  The Splashpad will run all day and the concession stand will be open with all proceeds going to The Ark.  There will be cornhole games, badminton, and horseshoes set up.  Bingo starts at 10 under Pavilion 2 and will run until 2 p.m.  Lots of prizes, no charge to participate, all ages welcome.  There will also be a DUCK HUNT this year for the kids, which is a scavenger type search for missing ducks!  We will give prizes for that also.  Kids ages 5 to 10 must sign up in the park that day to participate in the hunt.

Of course there is fishing in the pond or river (don’t forget your fishing license!) This event is a great way to have a holiday outing with the family but save on gas and travel!  Bring a lawn chair or a blanket, pack a picnic or grab something to eat at the concession stand.

The Annual Catfish Fishing Rodeo is Saturday, June 9th.  Registration starts at 5:00.  Fishing starts at 6:00 a.m. The competition is for kids ages 4 through 12 who are capable of fishing on their own.  Adults may only help bait the hook and remove fish from the hook.  Adults may only fish AFTER 9 a.m.. There is no charge to participate. Lots of prizes.  Heritage Bank is the sponsor.

Youth Soccer ends on May 12th.  Registration for the Fall Soccer League is all through June and July.  (Remember that soccer registration is always during a month starting with J.  Spring Soccer registration is in January and Fall Soccer registration is in June and July.)

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