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Independent Candidate Rick Wilson Announces for State House of Representatives

As an Independent Candidate, I’m the only candidate guaranteed to be in the November election.

I’m open to do what is best for Tennessee, instead of voting for the political party’s agenda. I want to give the power back to the people, the way our government is suppose to work. I am all about doing what is right, and fair for Tennessee, not for special interest groups. I have been approached by many organizations wanting me to fill out their Questionnaire, to see if I comply to their views, in order to endorse and contribute to my campaign. I have respectfully replied, that if I win the election, I would be happy to work with them with their issues, and together help Tennessee move forward.

Some may view this position as a Leadership role, I disagree. A representative listens and represents the people’s views, not the candidates. I will be listening to you, and be the one who will take your voice, suggestions, and ideas to the Legislature. I will not pretend to have all of the answers to all of the issues. As issues arise, I will ask lots of questions to all involved, before bringing it to the public, and making a decision. I will read and have a full understanding of the Bill, before casting my vote to put it in to law.

I’m a Christian, and have conservative views. A Military Veteran, outdoorsman, and songwriter. I am not afraid of, nor will I talk around, hot issues, or controversial topics. We need to protect our morals and family values. Protect the 2nd amendment, the Tennessee Constitution, along with our rights and freedoms. Keep taxes low, with NO income tax.

The only qualifications required for this position is, that you are a resident in the 78th District. I know I can’t buy the election, nor have a prominent name in the community, a list of achievements, or a high educational background. But I do have Heart, Integrity, and good work ethics, to work for the people of Tennessee. I am not looking for Power, Money, or Fame, but only to make sure you are Represented.

I’m not a politician, but resemble the majority in the district. I’m a Middle Class, Blue Collar worker. I feel your pain. I know the economy is hurting people in Tennessee, and I want to help. Please, join me on Facebook.

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