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Pegram Annual Independence Day Celebration

The 4th of July will be here before we know it! Make your plans to honor all of our military!

The theme for this year is “FOR THOSE WHO SERVE…”

The Grand Marshal for 2012 is Josh Poteet.  Josh (left) is a Pegram resident who was injured in Afghanistan while serving in the U.S. Army.

We will have all the traditions that you’ve come to expect, and hopefully a few surprises that we’re working on!

We will have a picture of the t-shirts as soon as we have them available.

A limited amount of booths are still available. Call 829-2238 or email, or call 838-2217 / for all other information.

Fitting with the theme is a guest speaker. If you are a history buff, you won’t want to miss Woody McMillin! He will be speaking at 12:15, just after the National Anthem, at the stage by the pavilion. Mr. McMillin will also have a booth displaying his book, titled “In the Presence of Soldiers”.

Below is a description of his book.

About the book:

From 1941 to 1944, the U.S. Army conducted seven large-scale maneuvers across most of middle Tennessee. The rigorous training involved more than 800,000 soldiers in a series of simulated combat operations in which 25 airborne, infantry and armor divisions practiced and refined their deadly skills – literally in the backyards of civilians. In The Presence of Soldiers is an unprecedented account of the massive 2nd Army Tennessee Maneuvers and includes:

• Explanations of every operation, with information about where and when action occurred, divisions and units involved, mission objectives, tactical issues, air support and results.

• Efforts to transport, supply and manage large numbers of soldiers.

• How civilians were impacted, with information about damage to roads and property, food and housing issues, crime and disease, and routine interaction with soldiers.

• What happened to divisions after they left Tennessee.

While the maneuvers saturated the state with the largest number of soldiers since the Civil War, other military personnel came to oversee the production of warships, warplanes, munitions and other materials; to train aircrews, doctors, nurses and mechanics; to guard prisoner-of-war camps; to work in military hospitals; and to help with war bond sales and scrap drives.

Using now-declassified information from the National Archives and numerous other public and private sources, In The Presence Of Soldiers provides details and statistics about many of these previously undocumented wartime activities in Tennessee. There’s a wealth of information about military bases, installations and training facilities created or expanded across the state during World War II, along with lists of U.S.O. centers, training fatalities, international visitors and key commanders.

During research work spanning two years, the author collected hundreds of stories from those who lived through the challenging times. These memories of soldiers, war workers and civilians are interwoven throughout the narrative, helping to recreate the emotions of the time – and to record and preserve the actions of everyday men, women and children in a time of war.

About the author:

Woody McMillin’s career includes 30 years in journalism, communications and corporate/government management. After earning awards from the Tennessee Press Association while a reporter and editor, he moved to education and business, where he served as an adjunct faculty member at Cumberland University and managed public relations/marketing/advertising functions for several regional, national and international businesses. He managed Consumer Products and Motorsports Public Relations for Bridgestone/Firestone, was a cabinet member of Metro Nashville Public Schools, and served as president of the Nashville chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators. McMillin lives in Nashville with his wife Dagny.

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