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Deborah K. Buma – Board of Education Candidate No Longer in the Race

“Hello, South Cheatham Residents.  It is with much difficulty that I must announce my withdrawal as a Candidate for the 6th District Board of Education seat.  This decision did not come easily or lightly, and I want to thank all those who have had such faith in my abilities and gave me their support.

Regretfully, this decision was made due to changes in my personal life.   With all the volatility that is occurring in our district these days, it is imperative that the candidates dedicate their efforts in returning to core values and get back on track with the purpose of creating the best possible educational environment for our children and those who teach and support them.   This task should not be taken lightly, or with political motives in mind.   I felt that my expertise as an educator and business manager would better be served alongside our teachers and parents, and so I have decided to withdraw as a Candidate.  For me, it is more important to make a difference than to make a point.

We need level-headed, rational individuals who will stand up for what is right for our children, the community and its educators. This will take courage and insight, but it must be done with purposeful goals in mind for our system to grow and thrive.  Voters must demand that their candidates speak openly and candidly, and strive towards the excellence in education that our community needs and our children deserve.

Please get out and let your candidates know your thoughts and issues.  Then ensure that they stay accountable to the goals and promises that they made during their campaigns.  Perhaps then we can begin to move forward again to become the educational standard that our children deserve.”

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