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Do you know where your kids are?

Do you know what they’re up to?

On Tuesday morning of this week, July 3rd at about 2:00 am, 4 young men were spotted strolling down the driveway of a home on Treanor Springs Rd.

It may have been the wee hours of the morning, but there were several people awake in the house, and lights on.

The resident said that the young men (possibly older teens) were walking around his truck when his wife called him from upstairs to tell him what was going on. He grabbed his gun and went outside, but the young men had heard her call out and were gone, leaving the truck passenger door open. The glove compartment on his wife’s van was also left opened, apparently they were also in the process of going through it as well.

Police were called and responded.

If you have any information on this matter, call the Cheatham County Sheriff’s Department, 615-792-4341.

Residents are advised to keep all vehicles and outdoor storage buildings locked.

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