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Pegram Sewer Customers To See Small Increase


The Pegram Board of Mayor and Aldermen met in regular session last Thursday night. All members were present.

The meeting was preceeded by a Sewer Board Meeting. The “monthly effluent report came back and it was excellent”, Sewer Board Chairman Bill Herbert said. Effluent levels are down as well, causing Herbert to categorize the report as a “excellent, excellent report”.

He stated that the current rate structure is sufficient to cover the Town’s  existing sewer loan, as well as the possible $449,000 which may be needed to do future work, “if we go that route for that amount”, Herbert continued.

During the Town’s monthly meeting that followed the Sewer Board meeting Rick Roark made a motion that was seconded by Bob Sanders to approve Resolution 2012-122:  A Resolution of the Town of Pegram, Tennessee Implementing the Annual Adjustment to POTW [Publicly Owned Treatment Works] User Rates. In 2008 the Board of Mayor and Aldermen approved an annual 3% increase to the Residential User Rates, Commercial User Rates, and the Inspection/Maintenance Fee for full service sewer customers. That annual increase has never been implemented, apparently due to simple oversight. The unanimous vote Thursday night was to  enact that hike beginning this year.

Vice Mayor Bill Herbert explained that for a 5000 gallon per month household, the monthly increase will amount to $1. It will also only bring in about $150 more per month to the sewer fund.

A 5000 per month commercial user will see a $1.31 monthly increase.

The 3% increase applies only to full service customers, “ready to serve” customers are not effected.

To see the entire rate information, see the public service notice on page 7 of this week’s S. C. Advocate Newspaper.

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