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PEGRAM 4TH OF JULY: Great Day, but Fireworks On Hold for Now


(L-R) Grand Marshall Specialist Josh Poteet and Kevin Downs, with Kevin Vaughn (black shirt behind Kevin).

If you were in the crowd on Wednesday, July 4, watching the parade, you were lucky enough to see my favorite entry ever- the Humvee bearing Grand Marshal Specialist Josh Poteet, Sgt. Kevin Downs (along with new family members Amanda and family), Marine Kevin Vaughn and a yellow ribbon honoring Daniel Greer. Watching that truck pass, most, with tears in their eyes, were filled with pride and awe.

It was an extremely hot day. Thankfully, many of the floats were armed with water guns to provide a little relief for the crowd that starting lining Hwy. 70 before 7am.

The threat of rain made us keep hoping to shoot fireworks, but it was not to be. The fireworks show will be rescheduled. Watch The SC Advocate for a date.

“Livin’ the Dream” played a great set! So glad Jeff Bunday got to play for the entire time! Those who stayed til the end, including the Parkers and Bachus’, who despite the wind storm, stayed with their yummy food, were treated to some wonderful patriotic music as they made their way out of the park.

Many thanks to the volunteers who worked so hard in the unbearable heat! It’s impossible to name all, but for the ones who went above and beyond, THANK YOU! Outstanding volunteers include, The Way, Lois Berg, and Wanda for making pies, and all your help with decorating on Tuesday, Tim Kosinski, Katie Morehead, Dustin Telford, Kristyn and Maddox Wilson, Shawn Rider, Danny Stuart, Sandy Sullivan, Janice Jakobik, Jennie Peters, Boy Scouts, Pegram Fire Dept.,  and Peanut Gracia. You guys Rock!

Thank you, also, to the many donors who make Pegram’s 4th of July possible-  Eddie’s, Red Robin, Chris Eswine, Pegram ValuPlus, Heritage Bank Kingston Springs, Chigger Ridge, Reeves Portopotties, Nashville Tent and Awning, Starbucks, and Community Bank and Trust.

Parade winners- BEST OF PARADE- Leonard and Finch’s

BEST FLOAT- Oddfellows

MOST UNUSUAL- John Justice


BEST ANTIQUE- Chris Jenkins

GAME WINNERS- Egg toss- 1st John and Rachel Phillips, 2nd Ashley Manis and Austin Morehead

Bat Spin- 1st place Ashley Minis

Sack Race- 1st Thomas Martin

Hula Hoop- 1st Jenna Taylor, 2nd Kaitlyn Bean, 3rd Sarah Sneed

Water Balloon- 1st Dani Wix, Rachel Adams, 2nd Leigha Adams, Ashley Manis, 3rd, Leah Jennette, Carlee Jennette

Horseshoes- men’s division- Brad  Barkers and Frank Barkers.

Women’s division- Kaitlyn Nosich and Kristin Boatman

PAGEANT WINNERS- Girls, 0-6 mos.- 1st Kendall Jenkins, 2nd Ava Grace Moore, 3rd Rachel Thomas

Boys, 0-6 mos.- 1st Colin Royce Martin, 2nd Vayden Pruitt, 3rd Tristan Deandorff

Girls, 7-12 mos.-  1st Aubrey Goins, 2nd Anna Egan, 3rd, Brookly Farless

Boys, 7-12 mos.- 1st Austin Rigby, 2nd Steven Goss, 3rd Greyson Wilkerson

Girls, 13-24 mos.- 1st Kate King, 2nd, Malli DiPasquale, 3rd Ellie Finch

Boys, 13-24 mos.- 1st Zachery Hamlin, 2nd Justin Johnson, 3rd Jackson Dison

Girls, 25-35 mos.- 1st Serenity Grantham, 2nd Ruby Fakhoorian, 3rd Savannah Jenkins

Boys, 25-35 mos. 1st Brayden Moody, 2nd Brian Bolton, 3rd Kipton English

Wee Miss (3-5 yrs.)- 1st Lilian Lunsford, 2nd Baylee Hutchison, 3rd, Alixondria Ward

Tiny Miss (6-8 yrs.)- 1st Mimi DeMatos, 2nd Averi Williams, 3rd, Teya Cooke

Little Miss (9-12 yrs.)- 1st Dani Wix, 2nd Jenna Taylor, 3rd Emma Grace Smiley

Newlywed/Not-so-Newlywed Game- 1st Danny  And Sherry Stuart, 2nd Jason and Amy Allison, 3rd Barry and April , 4th Joel and Rebecca Harmon

Unfortunately, there are no names for the pie eating contest, due to the storm that was blowing the pies and tablecover off the stage!  The fireworks were cancelled due to the drought conditions, but don’t worry, they’ve already been bought and paid for! When the decision is made we’ll let you know when they’re going to light up the sky!

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