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Ranchettes Break-Ins Need Solving

On Thursday, July 5th Kelly Schwartz returned home around 9p.m. and realized that his home at 1082 Crane Ct. in the Ranchettes had been burglarized. Lots of jewelry was taken. “All stuff that you can actually carry in a backpack”, Cheatham County Sheriff’s Department Investigator Jeff Landis said this week. There was no sign of forced entry, thieves possibly entered through an unsecured window. Drawers and file cabinets had been gone through, and lots of other valuables were left behind. Doors were all locked.

Sometime on Friday, July 6th, there was another burglary at 1009 Bald Eagle Dr. in the Ranchettes. “They stole 1 pistol and several rifles”, and a Play Station game set, Landis said. Again, there was no forced entry, screens were pulled, they entered through a window and locked the door on their way out. Other valuable items were not taken.

At one point a Ford Taurus was thought to be involved, and that could still be the case.

Landis said that he thinks the thieves are from the area, and quite likely on foot. There have been several reports of sitings of 2 white males, late teens to early 20’s. 1 carrying a back pack, wearing brown cargo shorts, dark hair, black. The other had blue jeans on, brown hair. Investigators are asking residents to watch for the 2 individuals, they were seen walking on Whippoorwill, and on Crane Ct. 2 different times, the first time about 3 weeks ago, and then again on July 5th. “I’m trying to figure out who they are so I can interview them”, Landis said.

If you have any information that could help with the investigation, call Cheatham County CID at 792-2021.

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