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Good News Club

Everyday in America…

2,058 children are confirmed as abused or neglected;

 That’s 20 times as many children as are pictured here. 5 children – just like these – commit suicide each day;

 Children…killing themselves…X off 5 of these children. 186 children are arrested for violent crimes.

 That’s almost twice the children as pictured here. 368 children are arrested for drug-related offenses.

 That’s >3 ½ times the children pictured here. 80% of children today do not go to church anywhere.

 Only 20 of these 100 children might go to a church. Children have always been very important to Jesus, and what is important to Jesus should be important to you. He said that if we don’t teach them the way to salvation, or even if we don’t correctly teach children, it’d be better if we were drowned (read about it in Mark 18). 85% of Christians accept Jesus before 14 years of age. They are the richest harvest field but MUST BE TOLD! Are you doing your part to reach the children?

 How many of these children is it okay to send to Hell? If we do not tell them, we are sealing their fate. Evangelism and discipleship should be our top priority …at Child Evangelism Fellowship it is! We have a plan to help individuals and churches effectively share Jesus with the children through weekly after-school Bible clubs (Good News Clubs®) held in the public elementary schools. The mission field is right in your back yard!

Come to a brief informational meeting to find out more about this great opportunity. July 30, 2012, 6:30 p.m. First Baptist Church Ashland City – 603 North Main Street

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