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Letters to the Editor:

This year brought us the unfortunate combination of severe drought and extreme heat in the latter part of June and early July. What is normally lush woodlands and fields were transformed into a dry dead wasteland. In essence, due to our drought and heat, all of us found ourselves living in the middle of thousands and thousands of acres of tinder.

Mayor McCullough was wise to have placed the burn ban in effect. I personally think it should stay in effect until the drought is officially over.  Those that did voluntarily refrain from fireworks this year also showed wisdom.

I think it very unfortunate that the Mayor’s office didn’t have the power to include fireworks in the burn ban. My plea to the legislative branches at the city and county level is to provide the Mayor’s office with the ability to include fireworks in the burn ban.

To the folks who feel the same way I do I urge you to lobby your city and county council members to grant the Mayor’s office with the ability to include fireworks in the burn ban.

Thomas Reitinger

Kingston Springs


Pegram Community Club BBQ of 2012 is a Wrap

The Pegram Community Club would like to say “Thank You” to our community and surrounding communities for coming out and supporting the Community Club. With the temperatures hovering at the 100 degree mark, the crowd that we normal have buying BBQ plate lunches was down this year. However, we did have record number of sales buying BBQ directly from the pits. Guess everyone just wanted to purchase their BBQ by the pound and head for home where it was nice and cool.

To the volunteers who worked the BBQ on Tuesday morning preparing the shoulders to go on the pits, and then back Tuesday evening wrapping the shoulders and placing them back on the pits, we say Thank You. Especially Thanks to the few of you who arrived at 5:30am Wednesday morning to begin pulling the pork we are very grateful to you.

A special thanks to the Club’s President Jim Garrett, and volunteer Hugh Vance, for staying up all night Tuesday to ensure that the 1000 pounds of pork shoulders were cooked to perfection. There is a lot of work that goes into preparing, cooking, and hand pulling 1000 pounds of pork.

Many thanks to all other volunteers who worked tirelessly all day on Tuesday, setting up the kitchen and the auditorium, and the other volunteers who worked all day Wednesday at the Club. Thank you to Club members Chuck & Sandy Neese for working “Our Tent at the Park”. To the clean-up crew that stayed after everyone had left the Club, thank you, you guys did a GREAT job and it is appreciated. We would also like to thank everyone who made cornbread, corn light bread, and those scrumptious homemade pies, cakes, cobblers, and cookies.

The Community Club would also like to thank; Elfrieda Patrick for providing the festive center pieces for the tables, local artist Sue Nichols for donating a portion of the sales from the coffee mugs which she painted, Gary Petty, owner of South Side Disposal who always provides trash pick-up, and Jimmy Noe for ensuring that we have public service kids to work during the BBQ.

So the 58th Pegram Community Club BBQ of 2012 is a Wrap……

As always, we welcome anyone and need active members that would like to come and join the Pegram Community Club. This is your chance to help preserve one of Pegram’s oldest landmarks. Our regular monthly meeting is held on the 2nd Tuesday night each month at 7:00 p.m. Come join us. We look forward to seeing you there!

Melissa McWright

Pegram Community Club

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