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Vigilant Ranchettes Residents Net Innocent Salesman


















Last week, we reported on 2 house break-ins in the Ranchettes neighborhood in the county outside of Kingston Springs.

The description of several witnesses was as follows: 2 white males, (on foot) late teens to early 20’s. 1 carrying a back pack, wearing brown cargo shorts, dark hair, black. The other had blue jeans on, brown hair. At one point a Ford Taurus was thought to be involved.

As of Wednesday this week there have been no other break-ins in the Ranchettes, but there has also been one aprehension of a Southwestern Publishing Company summer employee, walking door to door selling education materials.

The young man’s name is Ford Byrd, a student from Miami, FL attending Tallahassee Community College, (hopefully heading to FSU in the fall), and he’s selling “educational books, fun games for little guys, SAT / ACT help”, he explained, and lots of other books. He’s 20 years old, and coincidentally fits the description of one of the walking bandits reported last week, even his car fits with one witness’s report, but he’s not the guy.

It’s important to remember that Ford travels alone, never in pairs while selling the books. Also, he is the only Southwestern Publishing Company salesman working the southern part of Cheatham County.

Ford said that several people have mistaken him for one of the burglars, at least one resident called police and Ford waited for them to arrive. Cheatham County CID also verifies that he is not one of the young men spotted by witnesses.

So don’t stop being vigilant, but if you see one young man that looks like this young man, he probably only has good things to share with you, not a desire to take anything from you.

If you want to have a look at or purchase his books, you can call him at (786) 252-0443. He’ll be in town until mid-August.

If you have any information that could help with the investigation, call Cheatham County CID at 792-2021.


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