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Aug 2nd Election Brings Changes to South Cheatham

The August election has come and gone and there were a couple of big changes in the south end of Cheatham County as a result.

In Pegram (5th District), Charles Morehead will again assume the Town’s Mayor seat. Morehead served as Mayor from 1999 – 2001, and again from 2005 – 2008. He picked up 231 votes to Evans 220.

In the race for Pegram Alderman, incumbents Bill Herbert and Bob Sanders retained their seats. Sanders received 279 votes, Herbert received 267. Evans will also return to his alderman seat, as his original term does not expire until August of 2014.

In Kingston Springs (6th District), there was a change in school board representation. Tammie Lavender lost her bid for reelection. Brian Chase was the winner with 455 votes. Larry Turner had 368 and Lavender 149.

In other county elections, Carl Cothern won the seat of Road Superintendent with 3,534 votes to Kerry McCarver’s 1,604. Betty Gail Balthrop was unopposed as Property Assessor, and won.

In the State House of Representative District 78 primary, there were many candidates, but the winners were 2 women from Dickson County. On the Democrat side, White Bluff Mayor Linda Hayes won out over Jane Crisp. For the Republican side, Dickson resident Mary Littleton defeated the 6 other candidates, including several from Cheatham County.

There are 24,284 registered voters in Cheatham County. 5,586 took the time to vote.

There’s still time to register to vote in the November Presidential Election. You may register to vote through October 9th, 2012. But if you want to run in that election, you have until noon on August 16th, 2012 to file your petition.

In the town of Kingston Springs there will be 3 commission seats available. To date, 5 petitions have now been picked up for those seats: Tony Gross, Phillip Jackson, Glenn Remick, Pam Lorenz, and Robert George Stohler have all picked up petitions, Gross and Remick have filed theirs. The 3 available seats at this time are held by John McLeroy, Craig Kitch and Pam Lorenz. McLeroy and Kitch have not picked up petitions, but have also not yet officially ruled out running.


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