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Be Healthy!

We all want to be healthy and well. What does it mean to be healthy and well?  Joseph McG on defines it as “Health…being able to function in society which requires that one be physically, emotionally, and mentally fit. Wellness…finding meaning in one’s life, enjoying one’s day to day existence, finding support with friends, family members, and community in choosing to share one’s gifts as best one can, day by day…”

In today’s society we can get so busy that we don’t take time to do what we can to keep ourselves healthy and well. We are here to help! Christ Fellowship Church of the Nazarene (the little white church on the hill) will be starting a Be Healthy program August 11! Meetings on various health-related topics will be held monthly, and these topics will be listed here in the South Cheatham Advocate.

In order to be healthy, we all need a starting point; so we’ll begin with a basic health screening. Our staff will check blood pressure, weight, height and blood sugar. Dental screenings will be offered as well. We’ll also have plenty of literature on hand for you to take home with you and review. Dr. Koay from TriStar Medical Group Frist Clinic Family Care will be present to review the results of your screening.

Mark your calendars! August 11 is the day you start—or continue—on your journey to being healthy and well!

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