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Lynn Ray Candidate for State House District 78

An open letter from Lynn Ray,  Candidate for State House of Representatives:

Why should you vote for me?

All I can say is, look at what I stand for, what I intend to do, and what I have done in the past. If you agree with me and can identify with what I want to do, then please vote for me.

I am a family man, a grandfather. I grew up in a country that had a group of core beliefs. As a kid, my parents didn’t worry when I rode my bicycle all over town. Patriotism, decency, thrift, faith, etc weren’t a matter of opinion. We were taught right from wrong. Churches and other charities took care of the needy, Our parents worked hard and took care of our families. The government took care of the common defense.

But these days, massive spending and government control programs threaten the way of life and freedoms we have loved and hoped to pass on. By taxation, by regulations, the country that I grew up in, the country that our fathers fought to preserve, I believe, is being stolen from us.

If elected, I will work to turn back this government incursion that is slowly stealing our birthright. We are Tennesseans, Americans. We were born free, not meant to be ruled!

If elected, I will work to support property rights, 2nd amendment rights, pro-life legislation, low taxes, fiscal restraint, government accountability, and free market solutions to a poor economy.  If elected, I will oppose new taxes and seek to lower or eliminate existing ones.

Good government is about making policy that is good for families.  I devoted many years to fighting for families at the Tennessee legislature on such issues as right-to-life, divorce reform, education, home-schooling, teen pregnancy, taxes, and others.  I did my best to stand against injustice and defend the underprivileged.   I’m pro-life.   I consider myself to be THE pro-life candidate in this election.  In fact, I’ve literally spent years working in the pro-life movement.    Now, I have written this, hoping that you might consider that my experience in conservative public policy, my long-time working relationships with key legislative leaders, and my commitment to Tennessee families, will make me an effective Representative.  If you agree and share my philosophy and goals, I ask for your vote and support in the August 2nd Republican Primary for the next State Representative for Cheatham and Dickson counties.

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