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Homer Dodson: Editorial 8-18-12

I would not be surprised if Jawing Joe Biden will announce that he will not seek the spot as VP again for most any reason but the real one. I then would not be surprised if Jawing throws his support to Hilary Clinton. If he doesn’t, it will be because his handlers will tell him to shut up and that any endorsement coming from him would hurt.

I expect Obama will make as many Mexicans as voters in this election as possible. I expect Obama to buy the college student loan debt by forgiving much of the debt by Executive Order. If he doesn’t forgive that debt it will be because he can’t find a pen. If he can’t find a pen it is because he is hunting a teleprompter.

Uh, attention recent college graduates. I hear that 50% of you can’t find work that requires a degree. Some hope and change, huh?

I expect Obama to beg more people to at least try to get food stamps. He’s already spending ads for it. I guess he just prints the money for it, huh? He might try economics that lead to jobs but it would conflict with his socialist ideology and tarnish his image.

I expect a crisis by which social security checks, military pay, government pensions and other funds that people depend on as not being able to be paid. Republicans will be blamed for not giving a #*%, being greedy, stingy people that are out to destroy the middle class by not paying their fair share. He threatened to do this in his first term, so the idea is not just in my head. He’s already thought of it.

Speaking of paying a fair share, liberal Warren Buffet wants to pay higher taxes. Great! Maybe he can start by just paying the 1,000,000,000 he owes. Hey! Mr. Buffet, have you paid those back taxes yet?

I expect Obama to push class warfare and redistribute from payers to takers. He’s at home doing this. He encourages folks to covet what other people have. He’s a street organizer. He may have been a student but his records are sealed shut, so who knows.

I expect liberals in power to scare as many people as possible. I expect them to scare me. Heck! They already do. I’m repeating myself.

I expect Liberal Resurrection Day to be formally the first Tuesday in November in election years. The liberal dead will rise first and then the illegal aliens that remain will be caught up together and march to the voting booths and so shall they vote for Obama. Informal Liberal Resurrection will be during early and absentee voting times. This will be known as the first fruits of the voting dead.

No wonder Eric The Red Holder hates and fights state voter ID laws. It’s tougher for the dead and illegal folks to vote under that @#$%&* picture ID…one look at the corpse and one look at the ID card and somebody may figure it out.

Hey! Eric The Red Holder, do you have any guns to sell to the Mexican drug cartels today? How does Fast and Furious go for you?

I especially would like to be wrong this year, but I doubt I will be.

– Homer R. Dodson of East Belltown


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