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Pam Alexander: Editorial 8-28-12

I am writing in response to the constant complaints of Mr. Dodson and Colonel Harley.

Mr. Dodson incessantly thumps his chest, spreads his proud peacock feathers and espouses his great knowledge of all things religious and political. His words jump from the page with such vitriol and bile that I wonder about his peace of mind. He seems to be in direct contradiction of the teachings of Jesus; showing little faith due to constant fear and worry.

Colonel Harley uses the Constitution as a battering ram. I have two copies in my home and have read and referenced them often. But, as with the Bible or any other writings, there is great variety in the understanding, interpretation, and parsing of truths contained therein. For example, Article I, Section 8 reads: “The Congress shall have power to provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, Suppress Insurrections and Repeal invasions.” Colonel Harley brings into play Amendment II of the Constitution which contains the right of the people to keep and bear arms on the premise that we may need arms to protect ourselves FROM our government. I would consider Col. Harley’s views as wishing for insurrection against the government.

How we read and understand the wording and meaning of the Constitution, Bible and other writings are and have always been interpreted in very individual ways-truth be damned! Consider all the different interpretations of the Bible that have resulted in the many kinds of Christianity. Even our interpretation of truth has borne Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Mormon, Buddhist, and Hindu beliefs.

Both Mr. Dodson and Col. Harley seem so very proud of themselves. Imagine being published in their local paper every week! I feel that they spread hate and lies. They are under-informed in facts and truth and over-informed in fringe thinking. Yes, I’ve heard people state that they can’t wait to read the latest diatribe, but it’s taken as a joke, not as serious opinion at all; just the arrogant opinions of two men with way too much time on their hands. Granted they are guaranteed free speech but they sound hateful and bigoted. The Advocate also bears a responsibility to our community to present opinions other than those of Mr. Dodson and Col. Harley, or else we’ll be seen as a community of haters.

In closing, every time I open the paper and see their names it makes me want to beat my head against a brick wall. Are these hate-filled views the only opinions our paper receive? I would not want a newcomer to the community to think that this is all we have to offer week after week.

Pam Alexander,

Kingston Springs

*Editors note: The Advocate accepts and will print signed Letters to the Editor. As long as they aren’t libelous, we print them. Also, as long as they aren’t for or against a candidate running in an election upcoming in 6 weeks or less, we run them. We always have, and I hope we always do. It takes a lot of courage, no matter what your opinion is, to step into the “Letters” column and express it. Most likely, you’re going to get hammered from someone who doesn’t agree with you, and sometimes they’re not so nice.

I have always believed that the words of others reflect more on them than they do on me. I hope that letter writers who do ‘get hammered’, know that most of our readers are very bright, and glean more about the hammer-er, not necessarily the hammer-ee.


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