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@The Library

by Doug Phelps


Monday, Sept. 3rd – Library CLOSED for Labor Day. Remember to fly you flag.

Tuesday, Sept. 4th @ 10:30 – Coffee & Chat and Knitting.

Thursday, Sept. 6th @ 10:30 – StoryTime with Mrs. Velvet begins. Our theme this year revolves around the alphabet. All preschoolers are welcome.

Future Events:

Oct. 6th (Saturday) – Annual Waffle Breakfast and Book Sale. The Book Pre-sale has started. There’s still a good selection at only $5.00 per bag!

New Fiction

A Sunless Sea by Anne Perry:  As head of the River Police, William Monk has seen the dark side of English society but the mutilated body of a young woman recently found in the Thames stands out. Her neighbors offer no clues so why does the gov’t continue to interfere in Monk’s investigation? And why is an apparently innocent person accused of the murder?

Bones Are Forever by Kathy Reichs:  Forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan is called by Montreal police who found 3 decomposing infant corpses at the residence of a woman who disappeared from a hospital. With Brennan are homicide det. Andrew Ryan & Royal Canadian Mounted Police Sgt. Ollie Hasty, both of whom had past romantic ties with her. The trail takes them to a remote diamond mining city where they make a sinister discovery none would have anticipated.

Last to Die by Tess Gerritsen: Boston police det. Jane Rizzoli & medical examiner Maura Isles try to help a teenage victim whose family & then his foster family were murdered. Rizzoli enrolls him in a private school for helping traumatized young victims. But someone is watching the students. When bloody dolls appear hanging from trees, Rizzoli & Isles know a sinister killer must be found & stopped before students start dying.

Stolen Prey by John Sandford: Lucas Davenport is investigating the murders of a family in Wayzata, MN. Even the pet dog was killed. Davenport suspects retribution annihilation often associated with drug killings. But the husband was an Exec. VP at a large bank and Wayzata is a “clean” upscale small town. Lucas is not really prepared for the nightmare looming before him.

New Non-Fiction:

Kisses From Katie by Katie Davis (with Beth Clark):  At 19, Katie Davis left her upper middle class home, moved to Uganda, started a non-profit organization, and, among other things, adopted 13 girls needing a mother.

What Video Games Have to Teach Us About Learning and Literacy by James Paul Gee:  This expert in education analysis the values for learning that can be found in video games.

Cricket Radio: Tuning in the Night-Singing Insects by John Himmelman: The night sounds of a warm summer evening have been part of the human experience from the beginning. This amateur naturalist helps clarify & organize those sounds we now take for granted.

Library Hours:

Monday/Tuesday/Thursday 10:00-8:00

Wednesday/Friday/Saturday 10:00-4:30


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