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Colonel Michael Harley: Editorial 9-2-12

I should apologize to that woman who complained last week of the “constant complaints” of myself and Mr. Dodson. I’d prefer however, to apologize for something concrete that got her underwear in a knot, rather than rambling generalizations without substance.

Please miz Alexander, don’t bang your head against the wall anymore over Homer and myself. I promise to glue Homer’s words to the paper, so they can’t go “jumping off the page with vitriol and bile.” I’ll also see if we can’t get the Editor to make up a couple of new names for us that you won’t recognize, so you won’t continue to damage your head. You nose must be a mess!

She complained that Homer thumps his chest and spreads his proud peacock feathers. Really? That just supports the idea that males are prettier than females! Homer, you should apologize for those feathers-the woman is right about that! But that was not an example of one of your “constant complaints,” but of hers!

Do me a favor Homer, and outline one of your “constant” complaints” cause I cannot recall even one. I’m still reeling from her complaint that the two of us are very proud of ourselves! Don’t you wonder just how punishable she thinks we are Biblically? Maybe she can dream up one actual thing that one of us “complained” about. Is it possible this person does not know the meaning of the word “complaint”? Maybe just a man hater?

Does anybody else think either Homer or myself is “hateful and bigoted.” How about that we have “hate filled views”? Give us an example, OK?

Lady, I’d love to have you highlight with a couple of facts, anything single thing you included in your “truth be damned” letter! I’d even love to get together with you and review the constitution that you have so short circuited to make it read comfortably for you. Even better, we could read the Bible together. I could probably learn a lot from you about things Biblical, maybe like, “Truth be damned.”

Come to my book signing Saturday the 8th of September, and I’ll share with you my book, The Rapture, what the Bible Really says, and even give you a free copy! I’ll be at “The Good Cup” coffee house in Franklin from one to three. I’ll get you a cuppa, and I’ll even introduce you to the crowd as one of my detractors, and let you itemize what I have done to offend you. How’s that for an audience?

Colonel Michael Harley

KIngston Springs

3 Responses to Colonel Michael Harley: Editorial 9-2-12

  1. Greg Sullivan

    September 20, 2012 at 10:02 am

    Gaylynn Griffin,
    Thank You! Your use of the word “retard” provides proof of the limited thought and vocabulary you are able to use in the context of a political discussion.

  2. Gaylynn Griffin

    September 10, 2012 at 9:53 pm

    Again , Thank you COL Harley. They prove they really are political retards.

  3. Greg Sullivan

    September 7, 2012 at 3:45 pm

    Col. Hardy,
    Yes, I must assure you that many in the community do see you and Mr. Dodson as being, “hateful and bigoted.” Would you like an example? Well, sir the sexist tone of your reply to Ms. Alexander is evidence enough of the hateful and bigoted tactics you so often employ. Sir, both you and Mr. Dodson complain quite often about the leftist conspiracy that threatens to take away the 2nd ammendment as well as to take God out of school. Indeed, the belief in a leftist conspiracy out to hijack our country provides a fine example of paranoia. However, I must thank you for your weekly letters to the advocate; they always provide me with a comic interlude when the advocate arrives. Really, it is hilarious. I love reading the right wing rants which are often nearly incomprehensible from two men who claim they are well-educated and mature minded.

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