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Ita Hardesty Mason: Editorial 9-2-12

We are in an election year and the forces of control are loud and clear.

The recent news of Davidson Co. ballot boxes defaulting to Republican candidates if not instructed otherwise in this year’s August Primary election is alarming, as is the Voter ID Law. Even our very own Advocate allowed a far right leaning two page questionnaire to be printed and supported just prior to that election….and it was because Jane Crisp did not participate in that questionnaire that I voted for her.

These ballots defaulting to Republican options during the Primary election have an unfair advantage for the Republican party, a party that only in recent years became a majority in this state. With these computer defaults our elections are in question. The current oppressive photo ID laws are aimed at young voters, students, citizens with disabilities, military veterans, the elderly, communities of color, and all people currently living on or below the poverty line. These are the groups that for just reasons usually vote Democrat….if they vote. As for the Advocate, hopefully our little local paper can do a better job representing the facts, so its readers are rightfully informed and not mislead.

We clearly need election reform and misleading lies should be outlawed. So be very careful when you go to vote and be careful what you believe, for there are forces involved that will mislead you for their own advantage. Be aware of errors at the polls via the Election Commission itself and by all means vote. It may be the only voice we have if we do not have millions of dollars to influence an elections outcome.

Ita Hardesty Mason

Kingston Springs

5 Responses to Ita Hardesty Mason: Editorial 9-2-12

  1. Greg

    September 19, 2012 at 2:53 pm

    Col. Harley, are you an army colonel or a kentucky colonel? The second option would make the most sense. I have long resisted the urge to resort to name calling, but you seem very comfortable with this tactic. So, I feel justified in making this statement: you sir, are an idiot, furthermore, you are the worst kind of idiot. Specifically, you are the type that believes everything that right-wing pundits say without question or any thought. Then you feel the need to regurgitate this information as if it were the gospel truth. I guess critical thinking is too much of a liberal idea for you to consider.

  2. Keith Seagraves

    September 14, 2012 at 10:37 am

    Haven’t the Democrats in this state disenfranchised 2 primary elections in the last 4 years? I could have sworn Rosalind Kurita won the state senate primary in 2008. And who’s the guy running for senate this year that they refuse to recognize? Heal thyself physician.

  3. Gaylynn Griffin

    September 10, 2012 at 5:20 pm

    Thank you Col Harley. I couldn’t have said it better myself.


    September 6, 2012 at 11:14 pm

    Yes Andy boy, I can make such a point, but in dealing with ignorant or dishonest people, I often choose not to! Take your case for instance. Why didn’t you let the community know your name? What are you hiding? Who are you related to? The rest of us have always been required to provide our full names.
    You are very ignorant if you don’t know that voter fraud has been with us ever since the Clinton regeime, maybe earlier. let me educate you a little. on just a couple of well publicized examples. one is the great number of illegal residents that you Democrats got to vote for Obama by insuring they had counterfeit registrations, AND drivers licenses! It was all over the news in 2008, and since. By the way, you also are inept at researching! On Feb 6 of this year, The election officials of Indiana were notified in court documents that they were in violation of the NVRA. This was the second time for Indiana. The same Democrats were violated in 2006 by the Federal government. Of course at that time Fed officials were not in bed with the violators as they are now. Indiana is now a defendant in a lawsuit, for failing to remove dead people and aliens from their voter rolls. I can give references, but I doubt you’d read them Andy.
    Obama’s Dept. of Justice is currently being sued for violating the National Voter Registration act. They denied, against that law, South Carolina’s efforts to enforce that law. The worst offenders, according to Judicial Watch, an organization watching these proceedings, are Missippi, Iowa, Indiana, Missouri, Texas, Ohio, If that’s not enough I can name six more, that you are ignorant of Andy boy! In that mess have been identified, 24 Million invalid voter registrations! (mostly illegal aliens, and that’s precisely why your Presiident wants amnesty for illegals!) He’s as big a crook as they are. Obama’s “food stamp Army” is being formed for exactly the same reasons, according to investigators.
    Florida’s voter rolls wre found recently to contain the names of 53,000 dead people, who have been voting since they died! Who do you think did that Andy boy? Here’s a clue: They all vote Democrat! The Obama Justice Department has been fighting with Florida officials in an efforet to keep those dead voters on the rolls! Check it out, Mr. resarcher! But I can assure you it won’t be found in the liberal mainstream media. You have to get off your duff to learn what’s actually happening around you. A recent Presidential election was decided in Florida by a margin of only 537 votes, but later 2,700 non-citizen’s names were discovered on the voter roles, and now Florida officials suggest this number could reach 180,000!
    It was disclosed just last week by Judicial Watch, that The outlawed Acorn network is now “splintered across the country” working in difficult to track state organizations. They are reportedly working hand in hand with holder’s organization. The Associated Press announced recently that one of their cells is suing the state of Massachussets because they can’t vote in Welfare offices and DMV offices. No evidence? This is, as I said at the beginning, just a couple of examples of what is going on below the radar!
    Right here in the Volunteer state, your Democrat Congressman, ol’ Link Davis, is suing your state for trying to clean up it’s voter rolls in compliance with the federal voter law. Welcom to the Dempcrat scene, Andy! Are you still awake through all this made up reporting?
    What has “the fact that you already have to register to vote” got to do with anything you mentioned, Mr.Noname? I guess that’s a Japanese name?


    September 4, 2012 at 10:39 pm

    Come on, Ita- are you an illegal alien or someone to young to vote legally? No? Then you must be one of those dimmicrats who just love corruption in politics. This lady is really transparent. I believe the primary you speak of, was, after all, the REPUBLICAN one, wasn’t it? If not, please correct me. This lady doesn’t seem to recognize either, why it was that the GOP became the majority in this state! People were sick and tired of that other brand, Ita! It’s that they are soooo dishonest. You yourself couldn’t quite squereze the truth out of your listing of why there is a photo ID requirement. This lady thinks that’s oppressive! Body searches and photo ID’s are not opppressive at airports though. You can’t go into the courthouse anywhere without a photo ID, can’t cash a check or buy a bottle of Mogen David! Have you readers heard this woman complaining of any of those requirements being oppressive? The dishonesty crept in so smnoothly some of you may have missed it in her pitch. We all kow that the entire Democratic apparatis is set up to garner illegal votes for their candidates. Any one who does not know that, is-I’m sorry, stupid! There are at least three lawsuits against state voting apparatchniks (in other states) right now, and one pending against Obama’s Attorney General, for failing to uphold voter laws in their respective states!
    Ita knows very well that the upgraded voter procedural laws were implemented because of Leftist law breaking. Obama’s ACORN outfit was broken up, for instance. It’s under cover now, but will be rooted out again.
    But Ita would intentionally mislead her neighbors! Show me a student, Ita, who has no photo ID. I’m a military veteran Ita, and I have several photo Id cards. The only people who are “oppressed ” by this requirement, Ita, and YOU know it, are the illegal aliens who have swelled the Democratic voting booths, and the deceased who dont need a card anyway, cause people in your party will make fake cards and use the names of the dead to break the law! You Ita, and I, both know that’s how the Jackasses won several state elections last time, and we’re going to put an end to that in this election if it’s at all possible! MIsleading lies should be outlsawed miz Haedesty (your words) so shall we honest voters take you to court for lying in public?
    Yes Ita, one thing you said in closing I agree with. Just one! Be careful what you believe! It’s not the local election commissi0on that will mislead, as you suggest, I don’t believe. It’s people just like you!

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