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Karen Bice: Editorial 9-2-12

My favorite teacher of all time was my first grade teacher, Mrs. Sue Harvey of Donelson Elementary School. I have always adored her.

She taught me to read.

I was a squirmy, attention deficit kid (or a brat needing attention) of the 50’s with a home life in shambles.

Learning to read saved my life.

Reading carried me away to kingdoms I would one day visit, a career I would one day pursue, and dreams I would see come true.

Reading gave me courage, the ability to say “hold on, I’m thinking about it” or “I just want to wrap my head around what you are saying”.

When children don’t have confidence in their reading skills, a domino effect occurs. Their confidence, like an adult, suffers when they fail at a task. They will become doubtlessly more frustrated at math skills (because of poor reading skills).

They lose courage. They lose themselves.They lose their future.

Do not hobble your children. Their minds are treasure chests of knowledge …. don’t let the Board of Education throw away the precious keys to their future. Give them a fighting chance by saving Mr. Bill’s Class.

Thanks again, Mrs. Harvey

Karen Bice

Kingston Springs

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