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SCOUTING NEWS: Girl Scouts Learn Fire Lessons

Girl Scout Troop 1020 has been studying and discovering their inner strengths and talents. The girls have been finding out how these talents can lead to future careers. While they earned their fire safety badge they had special visitors stop by their meeting.

The leader for Troop 1020 works with a female fire fighter who came to talk with the girls. They discussed fire safety and first aid and they learned how these women used their talents to work in a mail dominant career.

We want to thank Haley Donavon and Abby Boeing from Mt. Pleasant Fire Department for their expert assistance.

We have also learned that our own Kingston Springs Fire Department has women how serve as firefighters. Women only make up about 4% of the fire fighter population in our country. These women are to be commended for succeeding in a difficult profession.

Thanks ladies!

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