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Gaylynn Griffin: Editorial 9-12-12

In response to Ita Hardason Mason:

After reading last weeks Advocate,I felt compelled to respond to Ita Hardesty Mason’s letter to the editor.

I would like to thank the Advocate for the job you are doing to keep our community informed. The ballot sheet was very helpful to me to research what the candidates stood for so I would be able to make an educated decision before going to the polls.

Second, I’m not sure why it is such a big deal to have a photo ID for either political party. Students have student ID cards, members of the military have military ID cards. Tennessee drivers license are welcome to be used as a form of ID as is a passport. For everyone else an ID can be obtained at any county DMV. If I need an ID to write a check, use a credit card or to board a plane, why not something as important as voting?

Last but not least. There are very few things that Americans feel more passionate about than children, guns and money. So when you exercise your to freedom of speech, regardless of which side of the political coin you are on, be aware that passionate people will react passionately to editorials. Even in (Small town papers). This may come in the form of another editorial, in person or by choosing not to do business with you.

In closing I would like to say I knew what party I wanted to be a part of by the time I was five. I had no Idea what the names of the party’s were, but I had heard the story of The Ant and The Grasshopper, (Aesop’s fables) and the story of The Little Red Hen, (A Russian fable). I knew I wanted to be on the team with the Ant and The Little Red Hen. What team are you playing for Ita? The lazy grasshopper?

Thank you again to the advocate for posting both sides. Even small papers can bring about BIG reactions.


Gaylynn Griffin

Kingston Springs


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