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Pam Alexander: Editorial 9-12-12

In response to the letters of Mr. Thomas, Mr. Dodson & Colonel Harley:

You proved the point of my letter beautifully, that we glean from what we read, hear, or see exactly what appeals to us through a mind-set that may be closed, narrow or open.

Mr. Thomas understood that I suffer from an insufficient, modern leftist education. He is correct that I did not Google our Founding Fathers writings or the writings of other authors; I simply quoted Article II, Section 8 of our Constitution.

Mr. Dodson determined that I don’t own a gun and am for gun control, even though gun control was never mentioned.

According to Colonel Harley, I’ve got my underwear in a knot, am a man-hater, and do not know the meaning of the word complain – Really!! I’ll look up the meaning of complain and you should look for the meaning of misogyny.

All these things may be true and I may be extremely naïve, but the original intent of my letter was that, in my opinion, Mr. Dodson & Colonel Harley’s writings are, for the most part, tiring and a waste of tree pulp.

I will fight no more forever with these gentlemen; after I go to the doctor, because when my underwear was knotted, it caused great injury. Of course, I won’t have co-pay for that visit. I’ve also got to make sure my Social Security and military retirement checks were deposited into my banking account. Finally, I’ve got to clean my guns so I’ll be ready to confront all those government agents who are waiting around the corner to take all my freedoms away. I sure am tired of waiting for that glorious moment, aren’t you?

E Pluribus Unum

Pam Alexander, Kingston Springs, TN


One Response to Pam Alexander: Editorial 9-12-12

  1. Homer R. Dodson

    September 14, 2012 at 12:28 pm

    pam: Welp? I thought maybe gun possession was brought up. Regardless, my offer stands. If you are for control, then you will have free use of that sign. If you are oppossed, then you wouldn’t want it and I’ll understand. Actually, I understand anyway.

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