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Col. Mike Harley: Editorial 9-21-12

This is the season when presidents convene in small rooms and tell lies to small crowds when they don’t draw big crowds. I didn’t watch the Democrat ramble, but some who did said they counted 20 bold faced lies!

Speaking of lies and misrepresentations, the Executive Branch Labor Department last week announced that 96,000 “jobs were added.” Added? Did you know that does not mean that 96,000 people who needed work, went to work? That’s one of the commonly “fiddled” statistics by the current crop of paid “gummint” liars. It can simply mean that somebody estimated that a bunch of jobs may be scheduled to be available sometime in the future! They “spin” everything.

In reality, according to the Wall Street Journal (which is a pretty good newspaper) “. . . the pace of hiring slowed in August.” The problem with the regime’s data was (in part) that in August, 8.1% of people who were already out of work stopped looking for jobs.

So, the situation was and is, that (not according to what our reigning monarch said,) but according to what his lackeys in his own Labor Dept. reported, 10% of the “labor force” (those who enter into their percentages) stopped looking for jobs back in 2009, and another 9% had stopped looking by 2011. Now pay attention to this: So now, add the 8.1% for August 2012, and you get a total (so far admitted) of 27% or nearly one third of the labor force recorded in 2008 (Obie’s first year in office) are now (in his hopefully last year in office,) out of work!

Fortunately for the nomadic tents of the Dimocrats, the above means that you and I are now supporting close to 52% of our work able neighbors, and Obama gets the credit for giving them all, “stuff” to support them! That, if you hadn’t recognized it, is one giant step for mankind, into the socialist model!

On a slightly high note, stocks posted a modest 1.6% rise over the weekend, probably signaling that the big investors recognize that the Democarp’s convention showed clearly that they have absolutely no plan-no idea, how to save the Obama presidency! Everyone who loves this country that many of us fought to preserve, is celebrating.

Elsewhere in the white house concocted news, is the hullabaloo about refinancing homes. A teetering White House wants to get a quickie bill passed before the election, a bill they think will make their boy look like a friend of the American people. The bill would likely tend to reduce mortgage loan rates a bit, chiefly by eliminating some of the fees imposed on borrowers by the federal lending cartel, Feddie and Fannie. In reality, like everything else a desperate administration has been saying lately, this is purely a political stratagem designed to win votes from a grateful people. Surely nobody will notice it comes just before the election. How would it do what it’s supposed to do?

They think passage of this bill, which is essentially what is already the way the mortgage system has been working, (according to a mortgage expert friend) will fool people, with King Hussein’s coaching, into thinking that the GOP is holding up progress in the mortgage industry! FHFA (the federal housing finance agency that used to be the FHA-(cleaner and shorter, but without a Czar) says,( according to the Wall Street Journal,) that about 520,000 borrowers have already taken advantage of the program known as HARP. That happened without the congressional lashup the Dems think would fool people into crediting Obama with finally doing. . . something! These people think you’re stupid, America!

But that’s politics folks. Refinancing under the HARP program had already jumped sharply upward this year, well before the administration did ANYTHING to remedy the situation facing homeowners!

It boils down to this. Obama had totally ignored the housing situation facing middle class homeowners, for four years. Then suddenly it was election season. Now he wants the Democrats in congress to pass a bill that will make it look like he has actually changed something, when he has not! He’s an accomplished actor!

Col. Mike Harley

Kingston Springs

5 Responses to Col. Mike Harley: Editorial 9-21-12

  1. John Gusty

    September 28, 2012 at 7:16 pm

    Oh dear… this is precious!

    That’s the LEAVE A REPLY box Mike. That info is there because your web browser remembers it from the first time you signed in and left a comment.

    You are the only one seeing that info Mike.

    That’s not published online. You’re looking a a “form” that is auto-filled by your own web browser.

    Ahhhhh…. technology.

    But thanks for all the warm fuzzies nonetheless 😉


    September 28, 2012 at 2:32 pm

    Mr Gusty,
    Look directly above where I am typing. BOO!
    That address is always there. I didn’t have to type it in.
    It’s there for all the world to see, every week.
    Col Michael Harley

  3. John Gusty

    September 27, 2012 at 10:20 am

    Mr. Harley,

    I just sent you a message via email. Haven’t heard back from you on this. We want to make certain and be VERY CLEAR to all the readers that NO ONES email address ever gets published without permission.

    Please supply me with a link to an example so that I may address it immediately.

    We appreciate your participation in Cheatham County discussion and want to be certain we take care of any issues needing to be addressed.

  4. John Gusty

    September 26, 2012 at 4:14 pm

    Mr. Harley… with all due respect… I don’t see where your email address has EVER been published. I’m looking back thru everyone’s posts and I can’t find one instance of your email being published.

    If you could send me a link of an example… I’ll certainly do my best to address your concerns. But again… I don’t see any examples of such.

    On a personal note: apparently you are not familiar with me. I’m so freakin’ conservative that I’m pissed at my hero, Ted Nugent, for being a wimp and supporting Romney.

    Trust me when I tell you that Mrs. Graham is one of the most fair and respectful individuals I have ever had the pleasure of doing business with. She’s the LAST person who’s going to get caught up in silly partisan politics.

    I’d like to think were both above such childish nonsense.


    September 25, 2012 at 3:22 pm

    Dear Mr. Gusty and Ms Graham.
    You assure writers to your editorial page that their email address will not be published. Why then do you publish mine and only mine, every week? Evidenty you do so for the express purpose of inviting anyone and everyone for about a month now, to send nasty letters to me! I find it interesting that you do not post personal information on ANY Democrats, or anyone who challenges myself and other conservative writers on our opinions.

    Michael Harley

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