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Commisioners Reunion at New KS Activity Center

Last Saturday there was a commissioners Reunion held at the new Community Activity Center in Burns Park in Kingston Springs.

(Left) Former and current Kingston Springs Commissioners left to right: Tony Campbell, Ray Crouch, Jan Rucker, Sonny Collins, Pam Lorenz, Chuck Sleighter, Bob Sanders, James Allen Wells, Gary Corlew, Craig Kitch, Gary Petty, John McLeroy and Steve Stewart.


City Manager Laurie Cooper, Steve Stewart, Tony Campbell and Parks and Recreation Director Brandy Miniat.


Bob Stohler, Glen Remick and Tony Gross will join the commission after the November election, filling the seats currently held by John McLeroy, Craig Kitch and Pam Lorenz.


(L - R) Steve Cooper, Ray Crouch, Gary Corlew and Gary Petty.


Chuck Sleighter and Jan Rucker

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