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B.J. Mitcham: Editorial 9-28-12

“Regulation of Animals in Residential Areas” of Kingston Springs was on the agenda at the City Commission Meeting on September 20th.

It was my understanding that perhaps six hens may be allowed if a residential yard met the councils predetermined site requirements. However, to avoid early morning avian crowing, they discussed not allowing roosters. Details of this were not finalized and voting did not occur.

At this meeting there was no discussion of the age old “chicken phenomenon” of crowing hens. When you have two or more hens and remove the roosters from the environment of the ladies, the dominant remaining hen is likely to begin crowing, increasing waddle size and developing other secondary male characteristics. She becomes in short the “alpha clucker”.Not attempting to pull any ones leg, I invite interested “henners” to investigate “hens that crow” on the internet. Nonetheless, a hen’s crow sounds as if it was vocalized in F flat, about two octaves above middle C. It is quite inferior and slightly more irritating than the normal cock-a-doodle-do of the rooster.

Chicken husbandry is honorable and is said to be a relaxing endeavor with multiple benefits. Yea to all the chickens! So commissioners please vote YES for both the hen and rooster. The hens will be healthier and happier. The roosters will be grateful. And, the City of Kingston Springs may avoid hiring a monitor for the arduous task of determining which of the ladies in the hen house is a sexually deviant crowing hen.

We have all heard the old adage “A whistling woman and a crowing hen will always come to no great end”.

Cluck Cluck,

B.J. Mitcham

Kingston Springs

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