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Cheatham County Teachers Visit the Ron Clark Academy

Front row – Jimmy Mitchell (HHS), Vicky Smith (BOE), David Casesa (Sycamore), Jennifer Anderson (Sycamore), Mike Kinnard (HHS) Second row – Andrea Pewitt (BOE), Gwen Whiteowl (Sycamore), Sharon Kinnard (BOE), Ron Clark, Glenna Barrow (CCCHS), Rick Zadd (CCCHS), Kris Bull (HHS)

A group of teachers from Cheatham County recently visited the Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta, Georgia. The Ron Clark Academy focuses on helping teachers improve their classroom instruction by offering the visiting teachers the opportunity to watch students and teachers in the classroom. The visiting teachers are given the opportunity to ask questions of the students and the teachers.

After working for public schools in North Carolina and Harlem, New York, Ron Clark moved to Atlanta to open a school that could be used both to improve the lives of the children in the school and also to help teachers become more effective teachers. Each Friday a group of visiting teachers observes teachers and students in classes. The visiting teachers then attend workshops presented by Ron Clark and the other instructors designed to offer teachers ideas to use to increase student engagement. Clark and his teachers use a variety of innovative techniques for classroom instruction coupled with a strict set of 55 classroom rules. Ron Clark and his staff offer the students instruction in core curriculum subjects (English, math, science, etc.) coupled with instruction in how to function more effectively in society.

The visiting teachers and administrators were offered the opportunity to visit with students and teachers to gain a better understanding of how thing are done at the Ron Clark Academy. They were encouraged by Mr. Clark and the other instructors to take the ideas presented at the school and incorporate them into their schools and classes. The participants from Cheatham County included Kris Bull, Jimmy Mitchell, and Mike Kinnard from Harpeth High School; Jennifer Anderson, Gwen Whiteowl, and David Casesa from Sycamore High School; Glenna Barrow, Jeremy Boyd, and Rick Zadd from Cheatham County Central High; Sharon Kinnard, Vicky Smith, and Andrea Pewitt from the Board; and Beth Batson and Tara Canterbury from Cheatham Middle School.

It’s Time To Get Ready for Graduation

Chris McGimsey from Gradpro of Tennessee and Herff Jones will be at Harpeth High School to meet with all seniors. He will be given the students graduation invitation information and taking measurements for caps and gowns.

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