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@ The Library by Doug Phelps: 9-28-12

@ The Library by Doug Phelps

Tuesday, Oct. 2nd @ 10:30 – Coffee & Chat and Knit-Us-Together. Join us for coffee, good conversation, & stitching fun.

Thursday, Oct. 4th @ 10:30 – StoryTime with Mrs. Velvet. All aboard the Alphabet Train as we learn about the letter “D” through stories, songs, & a craft.

Saturday, Oct. 6th @ 8:00-10:00 – WAFFLE BREAKFAST at the library.

Saturday, Oct. 6th @ 8:00-3:00 – BOOK SALE sponsored by Friends of the Library. [Pre-Sale going on now!]

Future Events:

***Oct. 8th (Monday) – Library CLOSED for Columbus Day.

New Fiction:

Dark Storm by Christine Feehan: For centuries, Dax hunted the dreaded & ruthless vampire Mitro, scourge of the Carpathians. Then came their burial in a volcano. Now, after hundreds of years, both emerge to renew their violent struggle. And the reward to the victor is Riley Parker, last descendent of Arabejila, former lifemate to Mitro.

Mad River by John Sandford: Minnesota’s Bureau of Criminal Apprehension investigator Virgil Flowers is tracking 3 renegade teenagers who fancy themselves as the contemporary Bonnie & Clyde. Leaving a path of destruction & death, they use their cell phones to document and taunt the law enforcers. But even the seasoned Flowers is not totally prepared for where this is leading him.

What the Cat Saw by Carolyn Hart: Nela Farley has developed an unwanted 6th sense: she can understand cats’ thoughts. As a distraction, she agrees to substitute for her sister Chloe at work while Chloe travels. Arriving at her temporary abode, Nela encounters the previous tenant’s cat & immediately senses the cat’s owner had met with foul play. Nela’s research raises uncomfortable questions and when a 2nd murder occurs, Nela recognizes the urgency for resolution before she, herself, is a victim.

Postcards From the Dead by Laura Childs: Kimber Breeze of KBEZ-TV is broadcasting live from a small balcony four floors above the Mardi Gras parade. Her next assignment is to interview Carmela Bertrand, owner of a scrapbook shop. But someone slips behind Kimber and strangles her. Then strange postcards start appearing in Carmela’s shop signed with Kimber’s name. Carmela & her friend Ava decide they have a major reason to discover the killer.

Love Letters by Katie Fforde: Laura Horsley turns to organizing a literary festival when her bookstore closes. Through a misunderstanding, Laura is assigned the task of bringing the infamous, reclusive Irish author Dermot Flynn to the festival. He is boorish & temperamental…and extremely attractive. He consents to go if Laura will have sex with him. She finally agrees but falls asleep before the deed. Future events keep bringing their paths together, though not always in friendly encounters, until finally their conflicts are resolved.

New Non-fiction:

Nigella Kitchen by Nigella Lawson: Over 200 simple recipes.

Betty & Friends: My Life at the Zoo by Betty White: A life-long rescuer of & advocate for animals, Betty shares humorous experiences with her often unpredictable animal friends in the zoo.

Library Hours:

Monday/Tuesday/Thursday 10:00-8:00

Wednesday/Friday/Saturday 10:00-4:30


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