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Roy Miles: Editorial 10-5-12

I got a call the other evening from a Lt. Hefflin, at the Cheatham County Police Department, asking if I was missing some construction tools. Apparently he dialed the phone number marked on one of the tools. The previous Monday, one of my men told me our construction trailer had been broken into,when he arrived at it in Bellevue. We did not notice anything first off that was missing. The Officer, told me our items had been recovered in a “Shootout” off of Sam’s Creek Rd. in Cheatham County. If we had not marked our items they would not have known where to call! Now we are working with Metro Police, to recover the items, and prosecute the thief’s. For years, many of us have heard about marking your belongings, and “ Join Hands with the badge” programs. This time it has worked! When talking with our Metro officer, about the return of the items, he told me, on another case, they recovered a 42” TV, however they have 2 people that have reported one stolen, neither knows the serial number, so they have a problem determining which one is the actual owner. All this to say, marking your items, and “ Join Hands with the Badge” is a program that works! If you do not want to mark your items, at the very least list those items somewhere, with their serial number, in case you have a similar occurrence. Let’s stand together, and get thief’s off our streets! Our thank you, goes to both Cheatham County, and Metro Police Departments for their help, and a job well done!

Roy Miles

Kingston Springs

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