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Pegram Art Students Scarecrows at Cheekwood

Nestled in the heart of Cheekwood Botanical Garden’s are the creative works of three talented art students from Pegram. Inside Julie Tucker’s, Tucker Illustrations Art Studio, Amy Jacobs, Stephen Jacobs, and young Elizabeth Tucker have worked feverishly for several months creating scarecrows made to grace the gardens at Cheekwood’s “Scarecrows” event. “Our fashion designer, Donna Jacobs did a great job dressing and designing our scarecrows attire!”-Julie Tucker. Complete with paper mache’ heads, hands, and hook, these Peter Pan characters were entered into the competition’s literary category.

Stephen Jacobs cleverly titled the cooperative piece,”The Crows Nest”, as a large part of the story takes place on Hook’s pirate ship and it applies to a scare”crow” so well! These hand painted scarecrows create a playful yet tumultuous scene all at once amongst Cheekwood’s Crape Myrtles!! Wendy looks surprised and fearful standing in front of Captain Hook on right and Peter Pan on left. She is sure trouble is about to ensue. While Peter cocky and confident faces Hook with his hands on his hip. Hook sneers at Peter with his hook raised. “While it was fun to create these pieces with my students, it was even more fun to see the young Cheekwood visitors’ reactions to them. Several children ran up and hugged Wendy and then Hook and Peter got to hold another child’s hand to pose for a picture.”-Julie Tucker. Wendy was created by Amy Jacobs, Hook was created by Stephen Jacobs, and Peter was created by Elizabeth and Julie Tucker.

The Jacobs and Tucker Family Scarecrows are located across from the “TRAINS” exhibit across near the educational building. There are 40 scarecrows hiding among the many beautiful paths at Cheekwood. Come and enjoy them all from September 21st to November 1st!

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