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Karen J Baker: Editorial 10-15-12

To the ones in the — oops, I almost messed up~since you WERE seen, but we were unable to get your license plate number, its not “right” to say what you were driving. So again, to the ones stealing the signs from yards in Craggie Hope, you are not only doing something wrong, but you were trespassing. Its not your right to remove ANYTHING from ANYONEs’ yard without permission and you most certainly did not have that. You DO have a “right” to disagree with someone’s views or something posted in someone’s yard or even an ornament setting in a yard. You DO NOT have the “right” to remove, well, let’s call it what it is, STEALING from someone or from someone’s yard. This world would be a better place if we agreed to disagree and learn to listen to others whether you agree or not… What you have done, is interfere with the rights of all those you took signs from.

With that said, by the time this is in the SC Advocate, outside monitors will have already been placed at certain homes. These monitors not only are placed to view activities at specific homes but are able to view the lower yards in the areas of the monitors/cameras. This is fair warning, not only to the ones that did the “deed” this time, but for others that may give thought to doing this or trespassing in yards at all. The monitors/camera are on, and everyone is looking and watching… We will get a license number and even a “face” to go with it. This information will be given to law enforcement, and we will support action taken…

Karen J Baker

Craggie Hope

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