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Kingston Springs: City Tax Bills Arrive At Citizens Homes

Unlike years past, those paying city property taxes to the Town of Kingston Springs received a tax notice at their home this year. In the past the notice only went to the homeowners’ mortgage company so the tax could be paid from the escrow account. The mortgage company should still be paying the tax bill from the escrow account this year. The mortgage companies have received a notice from the state that tells them about this procedural change. There is a web site that they can access to receive their copies of the homeowners’ tax notice. There should be no change for the homeowner except that they now have a copy of their tax bill for their records. Because this is a new system, City Hall advises to watch your monthly mortgage statements for notice by your mortgage company that your tax bills have been paid. Most mortgage companies try to pay these by the end of the year, often the very last day of December. Around the first of February, homeowners’ might want to double check with the mortgage company or City Hall to assure themselves that these taxes have been paid in order to avoid delinquent charges.

This notice does not affect city homeowners with no mortgage company involved that already receive a tax bill to be paid personally

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