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Gary Bunning is Off to Moldova!

Gary Bunning & his wife Alisa

Local resident Gary Bunning will be taking a mission trip to Moldova in early December, and thanks in part to your generosity, his trip is now paid for. He will be part of a larger group from Children’s Emergency Relief International, (CERI), going to visit orphanages in that country. Moldova is a former Soviet country in Southeast Asia located between Romania and the Ukraine. It is internationally recognized as the top country for trafficking children into the sex-slave. Once children turn 16, they must leave the orphanages and fend for themselves. CERI works to train the older children with skills to keep them off the street.

CERI will be delivering 7,300 pairs of shoes and socks in December to the children who often have frostbite on their feet due to the conditions of the orphanages. They will also be bringing hats and scarves for the children. Travel dates for this trip are December 7-15, 2012.

Fleece to make hats and scarves can be donated locally to the Bunnings at their home by November 14th. If you would like to make a financial donation to CERI you can still do that. Please make checks payable to CERI International. On the memo line, list Gary Bunning Moldova trip. Checks should be mailed to Gary’s home address: 6019 Riverview Drive, Pegram, TN 37143. He will forward them to CERI. He hopes everyone will think of him during the trip and pray for him and the team.

To learn more about CERI, go to this link:

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