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Ita Hardesty Mason: Editorial 11-9-12

Some of you know I have expressed a concern with the Keystone Pipeline. But do you know why?

This pipeline, if allowed, will make it possible for the last largest pool of oil on Earth to traverse right through the center of the USA. Its source is known as the Tarsands, and its puddles of oil can been seen from the air across this region of Alberta Canada. Why has it taken the oil industry so long to tap into this reserve? Because its the nastiest oil on Earth…..full of muck and sand…..and the cost to get it out and flowing far outweighed its value…until now.

The profit hungry oil industry is ready to make a big buck. Even though climate scientist are warning that IF this oil is harvested, sold and burned it will be the end of Earth’s fragile atmosphere.

There was until recently another way for this oil to get out and into the market place. The westward route would take it through British Columbia and into the waterways north of Vancouver right through an area sacred to the Indigenous people of this region, and home of the Spirit Bear, a very rare solid white bear. Thankfully the Indigenous people have stopped it from getting out that way. Unfortunately, now its only route is through the Great Plains of America, and over vast fresh water reserves, into Houston, Texas.

Funded by a Chinese company and carrying with it the risk of broken lines of spilled oil all along the way, how does the USA benefit from this. We may not have the Spirit Bear in its path way…but what we have to protect is sacred….its called Earth…we know it as our home….it is special and we can protect it …and must. Our energy direction needs to change course ASAP. Allowing and encouraging this pipeline is unwise, its time we become energy wise.

Ita Hardesty Mason

Kingston Springs

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