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Tami Metcalfe: Editorial 11-17-12

Hello my name is Tami Metcalfe Owner/Broker of Nashville Tn Realty LLC in Kingston Springs. Times have been tough for everyone throughout the Great Recession and we have all had to struggle. I have never felt compelled to write about another’s generosity because quite frankly it seems in this day and time there is very little of it out there. But, I strongly wish to share my story as it is a story of hope and kindness.

Over the past 2 years my family has experienced job loss, moving, divorce, and bankruptcy. A very special family in our community, Vaden and Sarah Northcutt owners of Northcutt Homes have been a God Send answer to prayers for me and my 2 children.

As of last April, I had no vehicle for apparent reasons. I received a phone call from Vaden inquiring about my situation. At the end of this conversation I was offered their extra vehicle and given instructions where to pick it up the very next day. Thinking that I would need to only use it for a few weeks, I accepted. It is

now November and I am still driving it with the Northcutts still graciously paying for the maintenance. They have not once asked me for any kind of compensation as they know that my business is one that was hit hard during these trying times as theirs.

In addition to a vehicle, they have generously lent me money, paid the bill at restaurants, paid for work related equipment for my business that I couldn’t afford and taken both my children on vacation. Their son, Cole, with his own money paid for my daughter’s school clothes. Yes, Cole and Liz are dating, but, Sarah and Vaden didn’t know he did this until after the fact. This is another credit to Sarah and Vaden as they have instilled generous values in their children.

God’s Golden Rule is “Do unto others what you would have them do unto you” Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone would lend a helping hand to those in need? And, then to have that action reciprocated? What a wonderful world this could be!

The Northcutt’s kindness and overwhelming generosity exemplifies true christian character. I am truly grateful! God Bless!

Tami Metcalfe

Kingston Springs

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