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PES News: 11-16-12

Pegram Elementary School Students of the Week

Pegram Elementary School Students of the Week for November 9, 2012 are: (top, l to r) Ashley Myhr, Hailey Hall, Maddy Stowe, Atticus Sewell, Emma Pardo, Royce Palmer, (middle, l to r) Aubrey Weatherbie, Jaylee DeWeese, Payton Boyde, Braden Springer, Madison Neely, Lena Cartwright, (bottom, l to r) Makayla Dawson, Kendall Sawyer, James Caruthers, Dallas Allen, and Tabitha Hill.

Pegram Elementary School Running Club

Pegram Elementary School launched a Running Club this fall. Mrs. Stewart, Ms. McLeod and Mrs. Eason just wanted to get an afterschool school group of students moving and having fun. We were stunned and excited when over eighty eager students joined the club. We divided the grades and some dedicated parent volunteers were recruited to help us. The students learned dynamic warm ups and the importance of cooling down. We focused on pacing and running form. It was a fun time with all the BLUEJAYS. This was the last week of the Running Club for 2012. We would like to give a special thanks to all of the teachers and parents who helped make this a success and so enjoyable.

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