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Kingston Springs Commission Ready to Welcome New Faces


The Kingston Springs City Commission met in regular session last Thursday night. All members were present.

Before they began business, Commissioners are allowed to speak if they wish, about any subject. Commissioner Gary Corlew spoke up about last month’s meeting where the commission chose to table action on a Livestock Ordinance that would regulate farm animals in the town. The ordinance was brought up due to the expiration of restrictive covenants in area neighborhoods, and the potential for problems if regulations aren’t put into place.

Thursday night, Corlew said that, “Waiting because it’s not a problem now, is not the way the city commission works here in Kingston Springs”, adding “we kind of plan ahead”, and listed off several examples like the town’s police department, and sign ordinance and flood area building restrictions. He added that he wants to work on a “fair and reasonable ordinance” and get it in the books.

Craig Kitch said “It’s been a pleasure, guys. It really has. We’ve disagreed on some things, and agreed on some things but that’s how the process is supposed to work. He added that he “has a lot of admiration” for all who have been willing to serve the town on the commission. “It’s an experience I’ll take with me the rest of my life”, he added.

Pam Lorenz and Mayor John McLeroy echoed those sentiments. “We have a great town, and I think the reason why our town is so great, is in large part because of the caring attitude of our commission, and especially our employees”, McLeroy stated.

Ordinance 12-006 was approved, amending the 2012 – 2013 budget. There will be a public hearing on the amendments before the December 13th meeting at 7p.m.

The December meeting, including the swearing in of Glenn Remick, Tony Gross and Bob Stohler, and the election of Mayor and Vice Mayor for the town will be held on December 13th at 7p.m. in the Beck Town Meeting Hall in downtown Kingston Springs.

The Livestock Ordinance has been moved to the January meeting, to give the new commission a chance to look it over and vote on it.

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