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Accidental Shooting at WMA Firing Range


A 13 year old Nashville boy was shot in the abdomen on Saturday at the Cheatham Wildlife Management Area Firing Range off Headquarters Rd. in Petway. He was Life Flighted to Vanderbilt Hospital and is recovering.

According to the police report, Frank Kennedy and his family were target shooting at the range, when a .22 caliber round struck his son, striking him in the left hand and lower right abdomen. A family friend, Sharone Barwise stated that she was clearing a space on the table where the weapons were placed, and the .22 single action revolver discharged.

The range was “cold”, meaning that shooters could check their targets, which is what the youth was doing when the shot rang out. One of the rules of any firing range is, “Do not touch or handle ANY firearm during a ceasefire.”

24 year WMA Manager Randy Cromer said that no one, to his knowledge, has ever been shot at the Firing Range. If all of the rules of safe gun handling are followed, it won’t ever happen again.

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