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Grand Jury Indicts David Davidson

5th District County Commissioner David Davidson has been indicted by the Grand Jury for DUI. Davidson was arrested in August after leaving a convenience store on River Rd., “with vehicle tires riding the yellow line”, the report stated. Cheatham County Sherriff’s Officer Gary Ola also noticed the “odor of alcoholic beverage”, in the car, and on Davidson’s breath as well, and stated that Davidson had “glazed eyes” and rambled and repeated his answers when questioned.

The mandatory blood test performed after Davidson failed 2 field sobriety tests resulted in a .13 blood alcohol level, the TN state legal limit is .08.

Davidson has prior DUI arrests.

Davidson has represented the 5th District (Pegram) for 10+ years. His arraignment is scheduled for December 10th in Cheatham County Circuit Court.

One Response to Grand Jury Indicts David Davidson

  1. Amy Martin

    December 6, 2012 at 2:40 am

    Good to know Pegram’s finest are up and endangering the public as usual. If he’s smart enough to drink and drive, he’s on par with being a good representative.

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