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@ The Library: 12-08-12

by Doug Phelps


Monday, Dec. 10th @ 7:00 – Book Nutz discuss The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield. (We’ll have hot chocolate in honor of the favorite beverage in the book.)

Tuesday, Dec. 11th @ 10:30 – Coffee & Chat and Knit-Us-Together.

Thursday, Dec. 13th @10:30 – StoryTime with Mrs. Velvet. Join us for our Christmas Party!

**FOOD FOR FINES runs through the end of the year. You can pay your fines with non-perishable food items which the library will donate to the ARK. [No more peanut butter or jelly, please.]

New Fiction

Private London by James Patterson. Eight years ago, Hannah Shapiro faced certain death in L.A. before private investigator Jack Morgan intervened. Fleeing the U.S., Hannah now faces similar circumstances in London. Former Royal Military Police Sgt. Dan Carter, head of Morgan’s detective service’s London office, & his ex-wife Kirsty Webb, are investigating the serial abduction & mutilation killing of young women from central London. Hannah is a prime target. Time is rapidly running against the investigators & their protection of Hannah.

Nano by Robin Cook. Medical student Pia Grazdani needs a year off from her medical studies to clear her head from personal issues. Moving from NYC to the foothills of the Rockies for a job with Nano LLC seems perfect. Nano is a well-funded nanotech institute leading the way in molecular manufacturing. It is also a highly secretive corporation & Pia’s first day includes a warning not to ask questions. In time, Pia stumbles upon information suggesting Nano is experimenting with human guinea pigs. And, for her, the issue becomes one of “Now what?”

Threat Vector by Tom Clancy. In China, an aborted coup leads to a change in international policy. China declares the South China Sea to be a protectorate and proceeds to move against Taiwan. New Chinese anti-ship missiles pose a major threat to the U.S. navy. Moreover, China has initiated an effective cyber attack on U.S. infrastructure. Jack Ryan, Jr. & colleagues at the highly secret un-official intelligence agency called the “Campus” are ready to spring into action when it becomes apparent their secret existence is no secret anymore. Can someone actually nullify their effectiveness by exposing them?

Shadow Creek by Joy Fielding. Valerie, facing imminent divorce, finds herself in a camping party that includes not only her moody & rebellious 16 yr. old daughter Brianne and 2 of Valerie’s wacky friends, but also her estranged husband’s fiancée Jenifer. It’s bad enough when they learn a pair of killers is loose in that same area of the Adirondacks, but when Brianne disappears, Valerie’s bad dream becomes a nightmare.

Shiver by Karen Robards. Samantha Jones drives a tow truck at night through the city’s most dangerous streets. A loaded pistol is always at her side. Usually her night goes relatively smoothly. Then came the new BMW which she reclaimed and found a beaten good-looking guy bound in the trunk. Daniel Panterro figured he was gone for when the drug runners kidnapped him from protective custody. Once they learn he survived, they’ll come again. His only recourse is to force Samantha to help him and with killers on their trail, she doesn’t have much choice. Is it their mutual reliance that is the bridge for the attraction they both feel? And how far can one trust a stranger when one’s own life is at stake?

New DVDs

Promethius; Hunger Games; Salmon Fishing in the Yemen; Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter; Snow White and the Huntsman; Brave; Cinderella; The Aristocats; The Lorax; and more.

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